PlayStation 4 Console Announced By Sony In New York

PlayStation 4 Console Announced By Sony In New York

The rumors you’ve been hearing are true: nearly eight years after Sony announced its current-generation PlayStation 3 game console and media hub at E3 in 2005, Sony used a press event in New York City on Wednesday night to unveil the PS3’s official successor, the long-awaited PlayStation 4. As Sony Computer Entertainment president and CEO Andrew House took the stage, he promised to give us “a glimpse into the future of play.”

Sony took us further into the weeds than expected, though just barely, laying out the PS4’s specs in slight detail, revealing that it’s powered by an x86 CPU, a “highly advanced” graphics processor that uses GDDR5 memory, a respectable 8GB of memory and of course a hard drive (size unspecified).

The PlayStation 4’s new controller — unimaginatively dubbed the DualShock 4 — looks a lot like its predecessor with slightly longer handlebar grips, but also includes a new touch pad on top, a light bar that can identify players (“a simpler, more friendly way to identify players,” said Sony) and a “share” button that’ll let users record game-play footage and instantly share it across Sony’s gaming network (without having to edit it, apparently) or pipe it to popular online video-sharing sites.Sony didn’t show us much of the PS4’s new interface, but did reveal that the console will support system suspend and resume, meaning you can simply press the power button once to freeze a game, then press it again later to continue playing precisely where you left off. While it’s not exactly clear how quick any of that is, or how fast the system loads off a clean boot, the implication, made by Sony, was that it would be more or less instantaneous.

The company also claimed the PS4 will be “seamlessly integrated” with apps on tablets and phones (models unspecified), that it’ll have dedicated, always-on video compression/decompression and that you’ll be able to use your smart phone to browse game videos, say, of your favorite opponents in a fighting game.

Sony said nothing about PS4 pricing or possible model variants, and only committed to rolling out the PlayStation 4 by “holiday 2013.” Expect significantly more detail at E3 in June, in other words, and the console to (probably) ship in November.



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