Actress, Susan Peters Lambasts Bloggers

Actress, Susan Peters Lambasts Bloggers

Multiple award winning Actress, Susan Peters was not a happy woman recently when she descended heavily on some bloggers who use their blogs to disparage the image of Nigerian celebrities.

The actress vented her anger while speaking to newsmen during the week.

According to her, Instead of using their blogs to celebrate the  achievements of these celebrities, the bloggers are busy peddling negative stories about them. For the Idoma, Benue State born actress, these negative stories never do any good to the individual celebrities.

Susan’s comment however, was not unconnected with the ugly experience she had few years ago when she engaged in a bitter war of words with  a certain ace blogger who posted a picture of the actress posing with her new black berry porche on her blog.

Many  of her fans who visited the blog rained abuses on the actress, calling her names, for posing with a 'mere Blackberry phone'.  The issue did not go down well with the actress who in return lambasted the blogger, as she later apologised to her.

Also, the actress experienced  a situation where an unknown person impersonated her by sending disturbing and insulting messages via a popular blog.

The impersonator reportedly replied to issues posted on the blog in an insulting way and left the name and twitter address of the actress who people were very quick to attack after reading the reply posted in her name.

While she’s yet to erase memories of that ugly incident from her heart, the actress is more concerned about what will help to boost the image of the celebrities, and not drag it in the mud.


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