Fake Lifestyles You Find In Nigeria

Fake Lifestyles You Find In Nigeria

It is funny how a lot of people, especially Nigerians are so quick to point fingers at others without judging themselves first.

They criticise, laugh, and say negative things about other peoples way of life, but the irony of it all is they are not any better.

Below is a list of such typical Nigerian mentally;

1) It's only here in Nigeria you will see someone on foot referring to a person riding a bicycle as poor.

2) It's only here in Nigeria you will see someone who won't go to work, but spend all his time in church fasting and praying, believing God for his double portion.

3) You see a guy in the passenger seat of a friend's flashy car, that's when he greets everyone, even those he normally won't talk to just to attract attention.

4) Most guys don't carry umbrella, they refer to guys who do as 'jew' but when the rain starts, they want to share the umbrella with the 'jew' guy...same as raincoats.

5) A girl claims she ate rice and chicken, then suddenly she throws up and we see long lumps of eba, ha! Was there a mix-up somewhere? Only here in Naija!

6) 'Remove this carton from here!' This is what most people normally say when a particular car is causing holdup on the road. But what might interest you is that most of them don't even own a wheel barrow of their own.

7) 'Come lets eat oh' someone is inviting you to eat with him, but only brought the spoon he is going to use. You had better say thank you because if you bother to look for a spoon....you can guess what will happen.

8) Someone's office is just 4 blocks from his house, but he must drive his car there every day and battle with parking space, just so that his neighbours won't feel things are bad for him.

9) It is only here in Nigeria you will see a person buy a blackberry phone with his N50,000 salary and won't be able to load in N100 credit into the phone, not to talk of money for transportation to work the next day.

Do you agree or disagree with them? Let us know what you think about these lifestyles and feel free to add your own experience(s).

Source: Legit.ng

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