Help Provide Solution To Insecurity, Instead Of Complaining, PDP Tells ACN

Help Provide Solution To Insecurity, Instead Of Complaining, PDP Tells ACN

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Thursday urged the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN to help provide solution to the security challenge in the country, rather than blame the situation on the Federal Government.

According to PDP, as obtained in the world over, the issue of security was not only the responsibility of the government, but a collective one of all irrespective of political divide.

In a statement Thursday by the PDP National Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa Metuh while reacting to ACN’s attack on the party’s National Chairman, Dr. Bamanga Tukur on the nation’s security challenges, the PDP said, "the increasing incidence of global insecurity is the responsibility of the authorities that be as well as that of the individual citizenry.

Surmounting the challenge is the function of the unity of the efforts of all, political divide notwithstanding. "The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has explained the wrong interpretation of the recent comment of its National Chairman, Dr. Bamanga Tukur on the nation’s security challenges by the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) as an exercise in mischief and a palpable ignorance of the collective responsibility of all Nigerians towards a better secured nation."

According to Metuh, "it was unfortunate that an honest disposition of its National Chairman was mischievously interpreted as “lack of capacity” by the ACN.

“We are not surprised that the unassuming and honest comment of our National Chairman has provided a sweet nectar for the moth of mischief to feed on. This is another weak attempt by the ACN to detract from the merit of the efforts of the PDP led Federal Government in returning the nation to the path of greatness.”

“In spite, we shall remain steadfast in our humble approach to leadership. The PDP is an organic institution which can err, accept responsibilities while remaining focused on lasting solution. We are not a self righteous political party like the ACN which claim” to be light” but radiate darkness.”

“We are sure that no objective assessment by any Nigerian will relegate the untiring commitment of the PDP led Federal Government in stemming the tide of insecurity in the country. Our government has been pursuing the option of dialogue. It is also pursuing that of minimal force, as the characters in the insurgency are also Nigerians.

“We wish to put on record, that our National Chairman, Dr. Bamanga Turkur has championed the re-engagement of social values in tackling security challenges as those elements in crime have parents, brothers, sisters and relations who are in the opposition political parties as well as in the PDP. What option has the ACN provided in tackling this national challenge.”

According to the statement, the ACN accusation of “clueless leadership” has no basis either in empirical facts or in any stretch of imagination.

“Despite the mega-phonic lies of the ACN, power generation has tangibly improved across the cities of Nigeria. Like never before, massive construction and re-construction are on-going in most of the federal roads in the country. The efficiency with which the Federal Government tackled the recent flooding in parts of the country is not a signature tune of a clueless leadership.”

“What’s more, that free and fair elections are now taken as guaranteed and the fact that even the opposition commends the President for his historic stricture to credible polls is an admission that Nigeria is in safe hands and making progress under the PDP.”

“Lest we forget, that the ACN, the CPC and their cohorts in the opposition wake up daily to insult the President without molestation is a victory for a government embedded solidly in tolerance, transparency, rule of law and rule of ideas.”


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