How I Seamlessly Transitioned to a Six-Figure Digital Career in 6 Months - Quadri Balogun

How I Seamlessly Transitioned to a Six-Figure Digital Career in 6 Months - Quadri Balogun

How I Seamlessly Transitioned to a Six-Figure Digital Career in 6 Months - Quadri Balogun

I’ve never really been a tech-savvy guy. As a graduate of marketing, I had a day job where all I needed to do was meet my monthly quota, then at night, I was a Canva Graphics designer. I was unhappy, unmotivated, and constantly exhausted. My guys could never relate, they had the financial flexibility and were generally in tune with technology and its latest trends. So, I figured it was time for a change.

After months of cluelessness, I finally mustered up the courage to admit my ignorance to my closest pal, Tobi, and asked the million-dollar question, "where una dey see this money?" After laughing at my question, he gracefully used the opportunity to boast about his many achievements, typical, then he went ahead to give me some insights. You see, in this race against sapa, I was ready to win at all costs.

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Tobi talked about how he had taken an assessment online which helped him discover where he fits in this increasingly digital world. Some online courses and a few certifications later, he was able to get a much better job than his previous job. He kept emphasising the fact that the world was going digital and I needed to acquire skills that would "future-proof" my career. I'd heard it all before. It was almost like an apocalypse was coming and we all had to go somewhere, anywhere. But I wasn't about to give up. I was determined to find out how this digital thing worked and how I could take advantage of it.

He told me that first I needed to know what my digital strengths were. In my head, I was like strengths? I'm coming as a novice to the digital world and you're asking me for my strengths?. This time I was the one laughing at myself until Tobi mentioned that Jobberman had recently launched a behavioural assessment that lets you know your digital strengths, the space you occupy in the digital world, and what skills you need to develop to stay ahead.

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Without wasting any time, I took the assessment, then I got my friends to endorse me as well as identify my strengths and weaknesses. Much to my surprise, the assessment was quite simple. All you had to do was pick your top attributes from the list provided then your colleagues would pick the ones that they think are your best 6 attributes. After which, I got a report where my strength profile was compared to a set of roles and capabilities that are important in a digital business environment.

So- Results were in and I was placed in the category of "citizen". This category described me as a person who uses the tools of the digital ecosystem to drive efficiencies and grow businesses. The first thing that came to my mind was, yeah, marketing! This is what I already do, to grow businesses by increasing sales. And then it hit me, digital marketing! Step two, take courses in that field and get certified!

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Two certificates and 7 weeks later, I became a certified digital marketer. Next step was to quickly update my Jobberman profile and before long, recruiters noticed me on the platform based on my assessment and recently acquired certifications. A few interviews later, I landed my first big gig! And today, I am balling with my guys and passing through gigs like water! Goodbye sapa!

I am Quadri Balogun and I am so grateful that I was able to find my digital superpower with the help of Jobberman!.

You too can step up and find your digital superpower! Take the assessment, whether or not you're interested in technology. Trust me, it will give you a sense of direction, especially now that everyone is in a frenzy about going digital. Simple visit to find your digital superpower!

The world is moving, don't be left out!


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