How many Hollow Knight endings are there and how to get them?

How many Hollow Knight endings are there and how to get them?

Most gaming fans have heard of Hollow Knight, a captivating platforming game created by Team Cherry. In the game, players explore a vast underground kingdom overrun by a plague known as The Infection. The game is known and loved for its unique goth-like aesthetics, slick gaming mechanics, and playful animation. There are several Hollow Knight endings, each dependent on the player’s decisions throughout the game.

Hollow Knight endings explained
One of the characters in Hollow Knight. Photo: @TheFrustratedCritic
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What do the Hollow Knight endings mean? Here is a look at every possible ending and the requirements for getting to each.

The different Hollow Knight endings explained

How many endings are in Hollow Knight? The basic game has three possible endings. However, the Godmaster DLC (downloadable content) introduces two additional endings.

Hollow Knight

For gamers who like taking the most direct route to a given destination or objective, the Hollow Knight ending will be the most likely ending to the game. Unfortunately, most fans consider this ending as one of the two bad endings since it means that one has only completed a significantly small portion of the entire game.

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This is also the easiest of all the Hollow Knight multiple endings. To get to it, the player has to conquer the Hollow Knight and take possession of his mantle that resides within the black egg. In this ending, The Infection that plagues Hallownest remains undefeated, making the player ‘hollow.’

For people who regard success as getting to the endpoint of a game, the Hollow Knight ending is undoubtedly an acceptable outcome. However, gamers who enjoy the challenges presented by the most difficult options will want to avoid this ending and forge ahead to unlock additional possibilities.

Sealed Siblings

How many endings are in Hollow Knight?
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The Sealed Siblings ending is only slightly different from the Hollow Knight ending. The primary difference is that for the former, the player has to have acquired the Void Heart. With the object, the player has a chance to unlock the rest of the endings.

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To get to the Sealed Siblings ending, the player has to kill the 3 Dreamers and possess the Void Heart. Once you have the heart, head over to the Temple of the Black Egg, in which you will come across the Hollow Knight and the Hornet.

The Hornet joins the player in battle and apprehends the Hollow Knight. When this happens, the player will need to continue with their regular attacks without using the Awoken Dream Nail to enter the Hornet’s dreams. After defeating the Hollow Knight, the player’s character takes over as the new Hollow Knight.

This ending is also considered bad since the character gets sealed away, allowing The Infection to continue. Additionally, the ending also means that the player’s character drags the Hornet along into his miserable ending.

The name ‘Sealed Siblings’ comes from the fact that the main character and the Hornet both get locked up.

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Dream no More

Dream no More is widely considered a representation of true success in the game. Here is how to get the true ending in Hollow Knight.

First, the player has to locate the Void Heart and the Kingsoul. To get to Hollow Knight's best ending, one will also need to acquire the Awoken Dream Nail, which only becomes available after getting to at least 1800 Essence.

Like the Sealed Siblings ending, the Hornet joins the player’s character in the battle against the Hollow Knight for the Dream no More ending. However, this time the player must use the Awoken Dream Nail to get a chance of subduing The Radiance.

Defeating The Radiance is the only way the player can free Hallownest from The Infection. When this happens, the Shades disappear, and the Hornet rises. In this ending, all the Void creatures are summoned and work together to eliminate The Radiance forever. The game ends in a happily-ever-after feeling. For most people, Dream no More is considered Hollow Knight's true ending.

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Godmaster endings

Hollow Knight multiple endings
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Godmaster is downloadable content for the Hollow Knight game and comes with two additional endings. The DLC was introduced in August 2018. To unlock these endings, the player must acquire the Simple Key located at the Colosseum of Fools. To get the key, the player must defeat a Pale Lurker.

When you have the key, head over to the Royal Waterways, where you will find a breakable wall leading to the Junk Pit. Once in the pit, you will find the Fluke Hermit and The Godseeker’s coffin.

Here is a look at the Godmaster endings for Hollow Knight.

Embrace the Void

This Hollow Knight Godmaster ending is quite difficult to unlock. To get to it, the player must fight The Radiance in its truest form, The Absolute Radiance. One must then fight their way through the Pantheon of Hallownest while in possession of The Void Heart.

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The Pantheon has five levels, with Hallownest located at the very top. This means that one has to conquer multiple enemies and never-before-seen bosses before getting to the Absolute Radiance. Unlike The Radiance in the Dream no More Ending, The Absolute Radiance is a more formidable foe.

Instead of banishing the final boss to the Void, the player summons a large creature that destroys The Absolute Radiance. In this ending, the Hollow Knight gets his freedom and is no longer a vessel of The Radiance.

Embrace the Void is generally considered a good Hollow Knight ending since The Infection fades way.

Delicate Flower

Hollow Knight Godmaster ending
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Of all Hollow Knight endings, the delicate Flower is the most difficult. This Godmaster ending is similar to the Embrace the Void ending but with an additional requirement; taking the Delicate Flower to the Godseeker before engaging in battle with The Absolute Radiance.

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While the Void creature bursts from the Godseeker in Embrace the Void, this ending shows the Void touching the delicate Flower before dying and getting absorbed into the Flower. The Void then becomes tainted, and the Flower lays on the ground with a cracked petal.

In both Godmaster endings, the Hornet’s fate remains unclear. However, it is possible this will be unveiled in Hollow Knight: Silksong.

Passing of the Age (Post-credits scene)

The Passing of the Age achievement is not an ending by itself but still gives the player some satisfaction in unlocking it. The scene is unlocked when the player equips the Spore Shroom charm. This then allows the player to communicate with Mr. Mushroom, who is found at seven different locations.

Doing this unlocks the Passing of the Age scene that features the unlocked character flying by a moment before the words ‘to be continued' appear on the screen.

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What is the hardest ending in Hollow Knight?

That has to be the Delicate Flower ending, one of the two Godmaster endings.

What is the best ending in Hollow Knight?

The answer is the Dream no More ending.

The existence of different Hollow Knight endings makes the game fascinating. However, it is clear that the good endings are also the most difficult ones to accomplish, Godmaster ones included. Like most games, though, the more challenging an objective, the more rewarding it is when achieved.

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