Little Boy's List of Items to Mum to Celebrate School Vacation Goes Viral, Popular Artiste Promises to Perform

Little Boy's List of Items to Mum to Celebrate School Vacation Goes Viral, Popular Artiste Promises to Perform

  • A little boy wrote a letter stating the items he will need to celebrate his school vacation day (Our Day)
  • The boy urged his mother not to disappoint him because he excelled in his end of term examinations
  • The post has sparked massive reactions and comments, gaining the attention of Ghanaian musician KiDi

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An instructive letter from a boy to his mother to provide him with a list of items to celebrate vacation day in his school has sparked reactions, gaining the attention of Ghanaian musician, KiDi.

In the letter dated July 29, 2021, and titled Things to Bring on Our Day, the boy urged his mother to "read every tiny note".

The first item on his list was a request for a "big coke" for his teacher, Mrs Appiah, and further informed his mother that his teacher had permitted him to bring his iPad to school on Our Day.

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Many have reacted to a young boy's letter to his mother
The boy has got people talking on social media with a letter to his mum. Image: @crabbimedia
Source: UGC

For items four, five, and six, he asked his mother for a pack of biscuits and drinks, white chocolate or Easter eggs and a big size Ceres drink, respectively.

The boy, whose name is unknown, also included provisions he will need for breakfast and lunch along with a schedule, asking his mother to select from the two options he had listed.

Beneath the letter, the boy explained why he thought he deserved the good treat for the special day.

According to the boy, he performed exceptionally well in his end of term exams and made her proud, urging her not to disappoint him.

He said:

"Mommy, I am begging you, don't disappoint me on Our Day," stressing "It's my day on Friday, so please don't disappoint me. Thank you."

He explained:

"Otherwise, you will ruin my day ... If I don't celebrate well, I will have to wait for a long time again. I didn't disappoint you in the exam, so please don't disappoint me."

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Ghanaian artiste, KiDi, real name Dennis Nana Dwamena, has offered to perform at the boy's school on the vacation day.

He said:

"Chale where the kiddie ein school dey? I go like go perform for them."

Social media comments

@realnaanaeghan said:

''The fact that the coke for Mrs Appiah was the first thing on the list warms my heart our boy is so kind and he deserves all the blessings coming his way."

@sediiinam commented:

"Mrs Appiah said that I can bring my iPad” you go inside then young hustler bribe en madam plus the coke puddon. that’s why Mrs. Appiah’s big coke was the first on his list, prioritized. Wow, such a mastermind."

Fiifi Asiedu said:

"For Mrs Appiah to be number 1 on Oswald’s our day list, then she’s really doing something great for the 9yrs old boy."

Icook-medicine indicated:

"This list is a serious indicator of the nutritionally empty foods that kids are consuming today. this is not about what the kid wants in gratifying his or her taste buds, but it is about enforcing healthier lifestyles rather than helping kids build too much toxicity in the body."

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