Man Using Ice Cream Shop to Take Kids Off the Streets Says His Business Started After Discovering a Cookbook

Man Using Ice Cream Shop to Take Kids Off the Streets Says His Business Started After Discovering a Cookbook

  • Michael "Mikey" Cole has inspired a lot of people on social media after disclosing how Mikey Likes It ice cream started
  • A cookbook fell on him while cleaning his aunt's closet, and in it, he discovered how to make ice cream
  • Michael said he tried it out but didn't get it at first because he didn't have an ice cream machine; the second try was the birth of his business empire

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The founder of Mikey Likes It Ice Cream, Michael “Mikey” Cole, has wowed people on social media after disclosing how his business started.

Speaking to Humans of New York on Facebook, Mikey said he discovered a cookbook at his aunt's place when she passed away and decided to try out the recipes.

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Michael Cole is the founder of Mikey Likes It Ice Cream
Michael Cole founded Mikey Likes It Ice Cream after a cookbook fell on him. Photo credit: Humans of New York
Source: Facebook

According to Mikey, his aunt had passed away at the time and he was cleaning her closet when he discovered what would eventually change his life.

How it happened

While cleaning the closet, Mikey reached for the top shelf and some things fell on him, one of them was the cookbook.

In his words:

"I’m reaching up for the top shelf and mad sh*t fell on me, one of them is a cookbook. Two recipes popped out: ratatouille and vanilla ice cream."

According to him, he didn't know what ratatouille was, so he decided to try and make the ice cream.

He said:

"I had no machine, no nothing. I put the ingredients into a bowl and popped it in the freezer. It was trash. So I was like we gotta change this. I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and got a tabletop ice cream machine, and then it was like: ‘Oh, I see what this is.’ People started coming over to my crib."

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People loved the ice cream

Mikey said people commended him for the ice cream and one of them told his mother that her son had abandoned selling of weed for ice cream.

His mother was excited and Mikey decided to open a shop.

According to the businessman, he gives free food to members of his community on Thanksgiving Day.

He said:

"We put on for the community. That’s what we do. Cause if you ain’t doing it for the community, that means you’re taking. We like family here. My employees are like my kids. That’s why I stay blessed.
"I’m gonna put one of my shops in every neighborhood. Imagine how many kids I’m gonna take off the streets. I'll take em' from pants saggin' to ‘Welcome to Mikey Likes It.’”

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In his words:

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