GEJ Has Failed As A President And Leader – Singer Lami Laments

GEJ Has Failed As A President And Leader – Singer Lami Laments

The recent fuel price hike and subsequent scarcity has got everyone in a tense mood, coupled with the ban on commercial motorbikes (Okada) which has resulted in more traffic jams across a ‘mega city’ in the making.

Nigerian Soul-Pop singer Lami Phillips seems to be one of the many Nigerians who’s not happy about the situation and state of the nation in general. And she says Nigeria’s first citizen Goodluck Jonathan ‘has failed as a president and leader’.

The lawyer expressed her mind on Instagram as she posted a photo showing a fleet of cars queuing at a fuel station.

‘It all seems bleak…this atmosphere of frustration is saddening. Nigeria’s president may be good person but in my humble opinion he has failed as a president and leader’, she wrote.

‘There are queues everywhere…scarcity….no fuel…no diesel…no constant electricity. I often wonder…if i am this frustrated with it all. How do those with no option cope? Fashola’s ban of okadas may have been sensible but i wonder if the timing was right… cos now some people have to pay double to get to work with the fuel scarcity… The Nigerian systems just ain’t working…she continued.

Lami was born in Chicago, Illinois, where she spent her early years. She then moved back to Nigeria before travelling to England in her teenage years and lived there for about eleven years, later returning to and the United States. She completed her BA (Hons) at University of Kent, and got her MA degree from the University of Nottingham.

She also obtained an MBA from Pennsylvania State University before returning to Nigeria to pursue a career in music.

She released her debut ‘Intuition‘ in 2010.


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