Abai Kunanbaev: poems, quotes, biography

Abai Kunanbaev: poems, quotes, biography

The great thinker, great poet, and consummate fighter for the prosperity of the Kazakh people, Abai Kunanbaev, became the founder of Kazakhstan's classic literature. The creative heritage of the writer became the spiritual heritage of the nation and enriched the culture of the Kazakh people.

Abai Kunanbaev: poems, quotes

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Abay Kunanbaev: literary heritage

Abai's poems were written over a century and a half ago, but remain relevant in today's world. The works of the great classical have been recognized in different parts of the world and have been translated into many languages. Learn about the literary activity of the first classic of Kazakhstan, read the aphorisms and statements of the outstanding Kazakh. Photo: ru.wikipedia.org Abay Kunanbayev: Literary Legacy The Kazakh classical began his literary activities as a teenager. His first poems were written when he was 12, but few of his early works have reached his contemporaries. From the age of 28, the poet thoroughly studied the poetic creativity of Eastern nations and Russian classical literature.

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He was the first to translate into Kazakh the works of the genius poets and writers Krylov, Schiller, Pushkin, Byron, Mickevich, Geine, Lermontov, and Goethe. Thanks to the works of an outstanding person, Kazakh people got acquainted with the world's classical literature for the first time. During his creative activity, Abai Kunanbayev left a vast literary legacy to the world community. It included poems, conversations with readers, poems in which the author praised the beauty of native nature, wisdom, and diligence of the Kazakhs.

Abay Kunanbaev, whose poems are imbued with love for the homeland, realistically described the way of life of the nomadic Auls, condemned the imperial usurpers and village governors, convinced the people of the need for enlightenment, and called for a fight against social evils. Abai presented the most typical portraits of his contemporaries in his works "Kulembaya," "Kozheqbay," and many others.

Ideologically and thematically, the literary heritage of the prominent Kazakh is diverse. For example, in the poems, The Tale of Azim, Masgoode, the author reveals to the reader his own ideals, the central idea of which is to celebrate labor, social and moral justice, humanity, reason, and service to the people.

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Abai Kunanbaev: poems, quotes

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In his poem "Iskander," the poet expresses his attitude toward the historical figure Alexander the Great. In the work the author condemns the conqueror's greed, setting him against the eminent philosopher Aristotle. In "Gacclia," the poet acts as a demanding mentor and thoughtful thinker. In wise aphorisms, the author presents to the reader issues of culture, morality, history, pedagogy, labor, and the community of nations.

Abai's writings were widely known even before they were published. His poems and poems were delivered word of mouth. Kunanbayev's aesthetic innovations had a huge impact on contemporary Kazakh literature. The way of life and creativity were covered by such artists as:

  • writer Mukhtar Auezov (novel trilogy "Abay");
  • director Georgy Roshal (film "Songs of Abay");
  • and director Kurmanbek Jandarbekov (opera "Abai").

Abay's innovative literary achievements had a huge influence on the works of national Akyn's and figures of Kazakh literature.

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The main work of the writer was an epic philosophical work, The Words of Edification, which includes philosophical treatises and short proverbs. The prose poem raises questions of Kazakh worldview, morality, law, and national education. Abay Kunanbayev, whose biography is full of persecution, never lost faith in the strength of the Kazakh people.

Abai Kunanbaev: poems, quotes

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Abai masterfully implemented the fresh ideas in his works in innovative literary forms. The author actively used the richness of national oral poetry and the Kazakh language. He introduced innovative poetic genres into literature, employed previously unknown techniques and forms.

In addition to his literary work, Abai Kunanbayev wrote music. More than 20 tunes were widely used by Soviet composers (Ahmet Zhubanov, Latif Khamidi, and Evgeny Brusilovsky) in creating the Abay opera and many symphonic poems. Tatiana's letter to Onegin accompanied by his tune has been adorning the song repertoire of the people of Kazakhstan for more than 100 years.

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Abai Kunanbaev: statements and aphorisms

In his works, the author touched upon various aspects of human life. In short and concise statements, there is the great wisdom of an unsurpassed thinker. Here's what the writer said about a person's inner condition and their life priorities, goals, aspirations, and relationships:

He who shouts in anger is harmless. Fear the one who is silent in anger.
Modesty, which derives from weakness, is not dignity.
The man who memorizes the words of the wise becomes wise himself.
Human dignity is determined by the path that one takes to the end, not by whether one achieves it.
Empty youth is a disaster.
Until you have achieved happiness, your dreams are shared by all. But fate lifted you up, and your well-wisher is you .
A bad friend is like a shadow: on a sunny day, run and fail, on an overcast day, seek and fail.
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Abai Kunanbaev: poems, quotes

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The worst person out there is one with no aspiration.
The only reason, science, will, conscience elevate man. Only a fool would think otherwise.
The lazy are always hypocritical.
Labour is a joy, laziness a cruel scourge.
Educate the Will: it is the armour that preserves the mind.
Be reasonable, fortify your spirit in the struggle, only the untalented submit to fate.
The worthy settle for a little, although he desired more.
The insignificant are dissatisfied, even when he receives too much.
Human dignity is defined by its approach, not its completion.
Who labors only for himself is like a cattle that fill his belly. Decent works for mankind.
Pray not that you are the son of your father; pride yourself on being the son of a man.
Knowing another's language and culture makes a person equal to those people.
Do you know who is the greatest mathematician today?
If I were in power, I would cut off the tongue of anyone who claims that a person is irredeemable.
The most beautiful thoughts dim after passing through the people's mouths.
The man who challenged a hundred people and misled them is infinitely inferior to the man who guided one person to the way of truth.
Abai Kunanbaev: poems, quotes

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Laugh enthusiastically, genuinely glad when you see a person who has found a good, has done good, worthy of emulation. A good example teaches restraint, will stop in time, will not allow intoxication.
If your knowledge cannot convince you, don't think that someone else will appreciate it. If you don't value your knowledge, how can you expect others to recognize you?
By the love of God, the nations are created, and you love them like yourself. Love people as brothers, like freedom, then truth and life are for you.
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At the first meeting he shakes hands, flatters, and swans but turns away.
Exuberance reveals a vice in everything.
Laughter with frustration is not joy, but sorrow.
In that, we find the joy we will find bitterness.
It is not just adversity that fills the world, but entertainment.
A person can become good by comparing himself only to good ones.
Share secrets with those who have no friends, befriend those who have many friends. Avoid someone who is careless, be with someone who is sad.
The glory is a high rock. The snake gets to it with a creep, but the falcon reaches it with a single wingspan.
Do good to the wise, and do good to the foolish.
If you want to be rich and learn the trade. Wealth drains away with time, but skills do not.

Over the years Abay Kunanbaev's melodies, prose, and poems have not lost their beauty and relevance. His belief that only understanding and peace among peoples, cutting-edge ideas of culture, science, and education can lead the world to universal prosperity remains vitally important for all the world's peoples and each individual.

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