Coronavirus: 4 ways Nigerians are dealing with COVID-19 lockdown

Coronavirus: 4 ways Nigerians are dealing with COVID-19 lockdown

As coronavirus spreads across Nigeria, various state governors have imposed full or partial lockdown in their states in a bid to contain the spread.

One of the major ways governments and companies all over the world are dealing with the outbreak is by asking our citizens and employees to work from home.

Recently, the Lagos state governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, asked servants from Level 1 to 12 to work from home.

On Sunday, March 29, President Muhammadu Buhari also announced a full lockdown of Lagos, Ogun and Abuja for 14 days, starting from 11pm on Monday, March 30.

In this piece, brings you four distinct ways people are coping during with the compulsory stay-at-home directive.

Coronavirus: 4 ways Nigerians are dealing with COVID-19 lockdown
Four ways Nigerians are dealing with COVID-19 lockdown
Source: UGC

1. Working from home

Due to the lockdown, many companies have instructed their staff to work from home. Thus, many homes have now been converted to their workspace as people deal with the lockdown order.

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Nevertheless, while some are working from home, others such as medical personnel have to go to work to ensure those who are infected with the virus or have other ailments are attended to.

2. Almost no traffic congestion

As the full lockdown begins in Lagos and other parts of the country, the road has become free for the few people who are allowed to go out to work.

3. We have all become family men/women

Before the outbreak of the coronavirus, almost all families are restructured in a certain way: kids go to school, parents go to work. Thus, everyone is now forced to spend more time with their family members as a result of the lockdown.

4. Social media to the rescue

As they have been forced to stay at home, many Nigerians now spend more of their time on social media to kill the boredom.

Every day, there is one challenge or the other that is trending on social media where people are expected to compete with one other in a fun manner.

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