Sotonye: I prayed, cried, failed Chemistry but now I'm a medical student - Black lady

Sotonye: I prayed, cried, failed Chemistry but now I'm a medical student - Black lady

- A black American lady, Sotonye, has shared how she succeeded in her academics despite numerous failures

- Sotonye said she did not let her subpar performance at MCAT discourage her medical dream as she kept pushing

- After several attempts, the lady finally got what she wanted when her medical admission test result came with 73%

When faced with great odds, nothing in life inspires like a person’s will to succeed. While it is true nothing is too big to conquer, an unmatchable thirst for success is important.

A black American lady, Sotonye, has shared a moving story with the Humans of New York on how she got into medical school despite the many obstacles on her way.

She said she had always dreamed of being a doctor since she was little, at a time there were no many female African American doctors around.

Sotonye said that she did not allow her failures in subjects like Chemistry and people’s opinion to stop her as she soldiered on.

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Getting into medical school was not an easy ride as she lost money and had to cope with working 20 hours a week! Despite the fact that she had spent a huge amount of $2200 (N807,400) on applications, she failed several times.

She said she later enrolled herself into a master’s program just to prove that she could study medicine and again took the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).

The hope that never dies could move mountains; Sontonye’s own finally pushed her towards her dream as she scored a surprising 73% on the next MCAT attempt.

When she saw the result, Sotonye could not hold back tears as she got overwhelmed with memories of her numerous failures and struggles.

Meanwhile, earlier reported that Nigerians are not only performing well in their schools abroad, but they are also doing well at the helms of political affairs in their various institutions.

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Chukwudi Kosi Ezenyi, a 24-year-old, aced it in politics abroad as he became the first black student president of the University of Plymouth in the UK.

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He set the record by beating two other British citizens during the election to put a stop to the 28-year white domination in the school’s students union government.

Ezenyi polled whopping votes of 1817 out of the overall 3412 to defeat Jennike Smye and William Styles with 925 and 631 votes respectively. ( -> We have upgraded to serve you better

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