How to cancel Audible subscription after the free trial is up

How to cancel Audible subscription after the free trial is up

Is it easy to cancel Audible? Most people have a hard time knowing when and how to avoid getting billed for this service after the trial period is over. The steps in this guide will help you to cancel your membership whenever you need to.

How to cancel Audible
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As a subsidiary of Amazon, this service offers members a variety of insightful reads and audiobooks. However, once the 30 day free trial period is over, you might not want to continue using the service.

Perhaps you were gifted the service’s membership by a loved one and now you cannot afford to keep paying for it. Whatever the reason, here is how to cancel Audible subscription.

Steps to cancel Audible using the desktop site

This is the fastest and easiest way to go about Audible cancel membership. Unlike other alternative methods recommended in this guide, this is the one given by the official Audible website.

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Cancel Audible membership
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  1. Go to the Account Details page on the Audible desktop site.
  2. Click cancel membership subscription under 'view member membership details'.
  3. You will receive a notification that your credits will be lost when you cancel your membership. If you still want to proceed, select “no thanks, continue canceling”
  4. You will receive an email that confirms your cancellation.

How to cancel Audible membership on your phone

You will need to contact the company's customer care service. This is not the easiest way to get things done, as you might have to wait for a while before being connected to an agent. However, they give amazing support and might even offer you a discount to convince you to retain your membership.

If you really want to end your membership despite the offer, you can let the agent do the Audible cancel on your behalf.

You cannot terminate your membership via the app. The official cancellation method requires you to use a computer. However, if you do not have access to one, your trial period might lapse and cause an automatic deduction on your credit card.

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For both Android and iOS phones, follow these steps to cancel your membership:

  1. Log in to your account on a web browser
  2. Click on the 3 vertical dots at the top left of the page
  3. Select “my account” on the list that pops up
  4. Select “view membership details”
  5. Change the page layout to desktop mode using the vertical dots on the top right
  6. Select “request desktop site”
  7. Zoom in to get a clearer view of the page
  8. Select “cancel membership” and follow the given prompts

Frequently asked questions on how to cancel Audible subscriptions

Audible cancel
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What does it mean to end your membership? Here are answers to some of the most common questions about this service.

Can I cancel my free trial membership?

Yes, you can cancel your free trial at any time before the free trial period expires. Failure to cancel before 30 days are up will lead to an automatic deduction on your credit card.

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Are there any charges for a trial membership?

There are no charges for the 30 days of the free trial period. After this, you will have to pay $14.95 for a standard monthly subscription.

Do I keep my books if I cancel Audible?

Yes. Your audiobook collection is yours to keep for life. After cancellation, you will be able to access and listen to all the audiobooks you had already downloaded.

What happens to my credits after cancellation?

In case you have extra credits, you will be prompted to use them before canceling your subscription. If you cancel membership without using your credits, they become invalid and cannot be used even if you sign up for the service at a later date.

How can I listen to Audible for free?

This is a paid subscription service. You can only access it for free for a limited amount of time. However, while canceling your membership after the trial period is up, Audible will ask for the reason behind your decision. If you select “it is too expensive”, you will get a 50% discount for 3 months.

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This simple trick allows you to access all features of the service’s Gold membership. Note that you cannot use this strategy more than once. After the discounted three months are up, you will have to pay the full monthly fee.

How does Audible subscription work?

This service allows you to buy audiobooks, magazines, and novels online. The books on the site cut across a variety of genres. From self-development to scientific and fiction books, everything is available on the site.

Not sure about paying for this service? To win you over, Audible welcomes you to try some books free for 30 days. During this period, you get one free credit. Credits are exchanged for audiobooks.

After the trial period is over, you have to pay monthly fees. If you are not impressed by the service or find it too expensive, you should cancel it at this point.

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What is the cost of an Audible subscription?

There are monthly and annual plans. So, how much you spend depends on your choice of plan. For example, you can choose the gold plan yearly. For this plan, you earn one credit monthly. You will redeem the credit for one audiobook.

There are no restrictions in terms of the genre and cost of the books you can redeem your credit for. Therefore, you can opt for that expensive book you haven’t been able to afford yet. Here are the monthly plans Audible has:

  • Gold monthly for $14.95 – comes with one credit each month and a 30% discount off on additional book purchases. Access to the site's original podcasts and unlimited audiobook exchanges is guaranteed.
  • Gold annual for $149.50 – comes with 12 credits per year. It has other benefits that are similar to the gold monthly plan.
  • Platinum monthly for $22.95 – offers two credits each month and a 30% discount on extra audiobooks. Access to the site's original podcasts and unlimited audiobook exchanges is guaranteed.
  • Platinum annual for $229.50 – offers the best value for money. It comes with 24 credits for one year plus all the benefits of the premium monthly plan.
  • Audible Escape subscription for $12.95 – this plan does not have any of the perks that come with the other subscriptions. It only offers access to the audiobooks for purchase.

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The service occasionally has enticing offers on audiobooks. For instance, you can redeem great titles for prices below $1. Other offers depend on how much you spend.

Do you get unlimited books with Audible?

This service gives you access to a maximum of two books each month. To read these, you have to download them from the site’s library.

Memoirs, thrillers, mental wellness, and history are among the available genres in the Audible library. The books are categorized into 26 sections based on genre. You can search for a book by title, author, best seller or collection.

How does Whispersync work with Audible?

Whispersync is an audio technology that lets users listen to books, magazines, and audio versions of other written material. For it to work, you must buy a Whispersync-enabled Kindle book as well as the corresponding Audible audiobook. Whispersync will sync the ebook and audio, allowing you to switch effortlessly between the two.

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Contrary to popular opinion, it is quite easy to cancel audible if you no longer need it. Simply follow the steps in this guide and avoid getting the subscription fee deducted automatically from your credit card.


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