Does he love me: How to tell if your crush is into you

Does he love me: How to tell if your crush is into you

Relationships can be confusing sometimes because you cannot read the mind of the other person. Often, you just try to guess what is going through their head, and what their true intentions towards you are. If you have this special guy in your life who makes your heart beat faster, you may often ask yourself, "Does he love me or not?" Here are some signs that he does.

Does he love you
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Love and affection can take different forms, depending on people, their personalities and relationship status. However, there are some universal signs that will let you know if the guy you have feelings for is considering you as a potential partner.

How do you know if a guy likes you?

If you met this guy not so long ago, but are already feeling a special connection, here are signs that show that he sees you as someone he wants to establish a relationship with.

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1. He asks you questions

If someone is intrigued by you, they would want to know as much information as possible about your life and remember things that you told them previously. You should also be on the lookout for subtle personal questions about your relationship status, which might indicate that the guy considers himself as a probable partner.

2. He is trying to impress you

There is a difference between just being friendly and clearly trying to stand out. Someone who likes you will try their best to become memorable to you. Even if the guy is shy, you can notice whether he acts differently around you.

3. You are special to him

How to know if he loves you
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If you have friends in common, you can observe how he acts around them and around you. If there is a noticeable difference (for instance, he gets flustered in your presence, but is completely chill with them), then he might find you special and want to pursue something with you.

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4. He makes small gestures to show he cares

If you are someone who caught his eye, he will try to show that he would be a caring partner by making little gestures. See how he acts around you: maybe he would bring you coffee when you feel sleepy, or let you borrow his jacket when you are cold. Maybe he makes offers to help you when you need it. Of course, this might be friendly behaviour, but there might be a chance that this guy is into you.

5. He stops using his phone when you are around

People are often glued to their phones, especially in uncomfortable social situations. However, if a guy is into you, he will try to spend as much time and energy as possible interacting with you, and his phone, in this scenario, will be less important.

Does he love me or not?

Signs he loves you
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Now, picture a different scenario: you are very comfortable with this guy and know for sure that he enjoys spending time with you. Perhaps you have been together for a while now, and you are trying to figure out his true intentions.

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How do you know he loves you if he does not say it out loud? To figure this out, you need to pay attention to some details.

1. He wants to give rather than receive

When you love someone unconditionally, you want to give the whole world to this person. This is often depicted in relationships between parents and children. If you keep asking yourself, "Is he in love with me?" and "Are his intentions serious?", you should observe whether he is ready to give you all the best that he has. It is important to be selfless in a two-way relationship.

2. You are his priority

In today's world, we all have different things to do and various commitments. However, someone who really treasures you will always make time for you, simply because being with you is a pleasure and delight for them. If you mean a lot to this guy, he will look forward to your plans together, and will never want to disappoint you by cancelling them.

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3. He notices things that other people do not

Someone loving you means that they notice and appreciate every little thing about you. If he truly feels this way about you, he will not just appreciate the way you make him feel, but you as a person. Also, he will not hesitate to embrace all of you, good or bad, and respectfully let you know whenever you are doing something wrong instead of worshipping and putting unrealistic expectations on you.

4. Your happiness is important to him

How to tell if he loves you
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If you want to know how to tell if he loves you, one of the ways would be to see if he values your feelings. If you are dear to him, he would regard your happiness highly and make an effort to be sure that you feel content.

5. He misses you while you are away

Someone who cares about you would miss you while you are not with them. This is one of these little things that are key in this "How to know if he loves you" question. We are not talking about the unhealthy kind of missing when he cannot last a second without you and constantly texts you. Of course, he will carry on with his day, but you will always be on his mind, and he will make sure to send you little reminders about it throughout the day.

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6. He is always there for you

Even if it is not the most convenient time, someone who you mean a lot to will be there to help and support you. If you have a boyfriend who puts your well-being as a priority, he is definitely a keeper.

7. He is committed

Commitment to the other person is a sign of relationship maturity. If he is not thrown back by difficulties and puts his heart into making it work, you know he is not a quitter, and you are incredibly important to him.

8. He is focused on growth

Is he in love with me
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Many relationships fall apart because people refuse to communicate and grow from their mistakes. If your loved one listens to any of your concerns attentively and accepts them instead of arguing and blaming you, then you are dealing with a person who deeply cares about you.

9. He treats you with respect

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There is no love without respect. Your significant other has to respect everything about you, especially your values, thoughts, and personality. It is not right when someone you love makes you feel bad or unworthy, so when your partner treats you with respect, it is one of the biggest signs he loves you.

10. He wants to get married

One of the biggest signs that the couple is committed to each other is getting married. If your partner says he is not ready for marriage, then he most likely will not be able to commit to spending his life with you. Someone who truly loves you will know that you are the one and only for him, and consider marriage.

Asking "Does he love me?" is a normal part of a relationship, especially during its early stages. Hopefully, you will find out if your partner has serious and genuine intentions towards you.

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