50 scorpion tattoo design ideas for men

50 scorpion tattoo design ideas for men

Getting a scorpion tattoo is quite common today. Beautiful in itsown way, this representative of the animal world attracts many ink fans.

Scorpion tattoo
Image: instagram.com, @_jen.chii_, @dktheartist (modified by author)
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A scorpion is a popular symbol in modern inking art. In every nation or culture, a scorpion tattoo may have a different meaning. So what interpretations exist in the world? We suggest you get acquainted with some of them ​​and show the best ideas for men's designs.

What is scorpion tattoo meaning?

Among African tribes, a scorpion meaning had two sides. It was considered a symbol of revenge and a messenger of death, but at the same time, it was an embodiment of justice and determination. Also, this animal was considered a judge who can kill or heal at the same time, but healing must be deserved.

In Eastern, in particular, Japanese culture, it was a symbol of wisdom and justice. A scorpion depicted together with a flower could mean long marriage life and eternal love.

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In addition to belonging to a specific group of like-minded people, meeting certain standards or expressing one's world perception, a tattoo with a scorpion is often made by people born under this zodiac sign. In such cases, the image does not carry a symbolic charge. It has the same meaning even if it is located on the chest, on the back or the shoulder.

It can be summed up that there is no unambiguous definition of a scorpion tattoo. Each person puts an image of this animal, trying to express one's vision, to designate the inner world and state of mind.

So, if you already know what meaning to choose for yourself, then it is a high time to pick a perfect design.

1. An eagle and a scorpion

Here is an interesting coloured ink design with an eagle sitting on the animal like on a tree branch.

2. Geometry

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This ink looks like a sketch from an architects notebook. Incredible lines and circles are perfectly matched together with a half scorpion, half column design.

3. A 3D design

This one looks amazing like there is a real animal sitting on a body.

4. On the chest

Here is another beautiful example of a 3D chest design.

5. A shoulder design

There is a fantastic scorpion in colour placed in the bright gradient background.

6. Japanese design

This design will be much appreciated by fans of Eastern culture. They will love an ink with the animal, having the face of a Japanese demon Oni as its body.

7. An anchor and a compass

Here is an interesting combination of a scorpion with an anchor and a compass. A picture is completed with some geometry figures like a dotted triangle and a red lozenge.

8. An eyed bottle

You will admire this design if you like interesting concepts with hidden ideas and sense.

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9. A large design

This wonderful design is what you need if you like big-scale inking.

10. On the shin-bone

This is a beautiful picture of a scorpion sitting in flowers with a drop of venom on its tale.

11. On the head

If you want everyone to notice your new ink immediately, then the head is the best place for placing it.

12. A wrist design

Scorpion symbol
Image: instagram.com, @laiznaointeressa
Source: Instagram

You can decorate your wrist with this wonderful permanent picture of the animal with little eyes all over its body.

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13. A red coffin

This one is bright and dark simultaneously. It is a good combination of vivid red and black colours. The artist's work is amazing.

14. A blade

Scorpion symbolism
Image: instagram.com, @mv_txttoo
Source: Instagram

A picture looking like a real masterpiece will be an incredible decoration for your forearm.

15. A red scorpion

Here is a nice design with an interesting concept, where the animal's claws are placed on fingers to create an illusion of motion.

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16. A foot design

Scorpio symbols
Image: instagram.com, @majorie.tattoo (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

Such a symmetrical location of a tattoo will make it look wonderful and neat like it has been on you for your entire life.

17. A mirrored image

Here is another idea for a symmetrical ink, which will look amazing.

18. A sketched style

Scorpion tattoo designs
Image: instagram.com, @bk_tattooer
Source: Instagram

Sketched style inks always look amazing and special.

19. A skull

Here is a picture of a scorpion sitting on a skull and radiating beams of light with its tale. This design is totally masculine and illuminates strength and power.

20. On the head

Scorpion tattoo design
Image: instagram.com, @gorillaboxer
Source: Instagram

If you want to try this dashing one, be ready to shave your head.

21. Black and blue

This royal blue rose will show everyone who is the king of life here.

22. A neck design

Scorpio sign tattoo
Image: instagram.com, @shirotattoo
Source: Instagram

If you have plans on inking your back, start with this amazing picture going down your spine.

23. An ape head

Sometimes artist's imagination is unpredictable. Anyway, it looks fantastic and very unusual. You will definitely like this ape-head scorpion with bananas instead of its tarsus and stinger.

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24. An ethnic one

Scorpion drawings
Image: instagram.com, @tracy_martino
Source: Instagram

Ethnic motives always make an ink look better and can save even the most regular concept.

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25. A collarbone design

A collarbone is a good place for a tattoo. Take it into consideration as well as this image of the animal.

26. On the hip

Scorpion tattoos designs
Image: instagram.com, @juliefreiseisen
Source: Instagram

Such a neat work of an inking artist will be a great decoration for your body.

27. A neck tattoo

There is an excellent image for fans of neck designs.

28. A minimalistic picture

Scorpio symbol tattoo
Image: instagram.com, @bymelodaisy
Source: Instagram

Here is an interesting and minimalistic image, for those men who love unusual designs.

29. A forearm design

This medium-sized tattoo with a bright design will help you stand out of the crowd.

30. A constellation design

Scorpio zodiac tattoo
Image: instagram.com, @chagastattoo
Source: Instagram

A man who was born under the Scorpio star can consider this amazing design. Here we can see a contour of the animal with the corresponding constellation, sitting on the Earth.

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31. A scorpion on fire

A really bright image for a not less bright man. It will be your ideal design if you like to be distinguished.

32. A zodiac sign

Scorpio constellation tattoo
Image: @_jen.cjii_, instagram.com
Source: Instagram

A beautiful picture with a Scorpio constellation, zodiac sign and the moon for November form gentlemen.

33. A yellow potion

This alchemy bottle with a scorpion and a centipede trapped in is another unusual and beautiful ink.

34. Scorpio

Scorpion tattoos designs
Image: instagram.com, @szczygiel.tattoo (modified by author)
Source: Instagram

An amazing combination of colours and artist's work make this ink look really magically.

35. Representation of power

There is strength in a tattoo shape. Such tattoos represent mainly energy and vitality since this animal usually lives in totally inhospitable environments and is still king.

36. Bright and lethal

Scorpion design
Image: instagram.com, @elcristtoo
Source: Instagram

An original artist's style and bright colours make this design quite extraordinary and eye-catchy.

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37. A neotraditional concept

Here is another ethnic pattern in very vivid colours. The animal has a beautiful ornament and split tale, and they make it look unusual.

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38. A shoulder tattoo

Scorpion tattoo ideas
Image: instagram.com, @lagunattta
Source: Instagram

There is another testimony of the fact that the shoulder is an extremely popular body part for scorpion tattoos.

39. A crying face

This ink is an original combination of crying eyes and the exotic animal approaching them.

40. A golden and black design

If you want something really bright and unusual, you should definitely try this one.

41. A woman's face

This tattoo seems to be a new vision of the Egyptian Sphinx, but this one is the scorpion with a woman head.

42. A little one

Scorpion tattoo
Image: instagram.com, @wang_pokes
Source: Instagram

Scorpion inks are good in any size. For example, this small design looks exceptionally good like any other of a larger scale.

43. Memories last a lifetime

In some cultures, these animals are symbols of wisdom. So, why not combine it with some smart words? This sleeve looks like a masterpiece.

44. A skull

Scorpio symbol
Image: instagram.com, @simonedemasi
Source: Instagram

There is a somewhat trend on replacing animal's head with something else. It has appeared quite recently, so you can become a pioneer with this design.

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45.Sleeve coverage

Take this design into consideration if you like sleeve tattoos. It looks really gorgeous.

46. A 3D neck design

Scorpio tattoo
Image: instagram.com, @pits_mi
Source: Instagram

Realistic designs are extremely popular for scorpion tattoos, and they look amazing on any part of the body.

47. A face tattoo

Scorpion tattoo
Image: @pics_of_inked_, instagram.com
Source: Instagram

Recently, face tattoos became a real trend. Opinions about them vary, but they are still very popular. So, you can give it a try as well.

48. A big shoulder tattoo

Scorpio tattoos
Image: instagram.com, @sarahebi
Source: Instagram

The shoulder is a popular place for men tattoos. So, consider it while searching for a new "home" for your scorpion.

49. Bright and colourful

Scorpion tattoos
Image: instagram.com, @darthmanos666
Source: Instagram

This is quite an interesting decision on a colour palette. Despite the fact that a scorpion is a dangerous animal, it looks great and unusual even without traditional black shades.

50. A minimalistic outline

Scorpion outline
Image: instagram.com, @jhwttt
Source: Instagram

This elegant and neat outline will be a perfect start for inking your body. A minimalistic design is always a good idea.

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Scorpion tattoo attracts the sight, fascinates and even scares a little. Using brighter colours and unusual tattoo designs, you can achieve the effect of otherworldly and unreality, giving it the meaning associated with numerous legends. A well-made coloured ink will be a very memorable detail in the appearance of any person. If you want to emphasise your individuality, identify hidden features and extravagance, then this tattoo is for you.

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