Terrorism is alien to Islam, no good Muslim will kill fellow human beings - Sheik Al-Imam

Terrorism is alien to Islam, no good Muslim will kill fellow human beings - Sheik Al-Imam

- A Lagos-based Islamic scholar, Sheik Yunus Al-Imam, has declared that terrorism is not known to Islam

- Al-Imam also affirmed that no good Muslim would kill his/her fellow human beings

- The cleric said that no nation or individual could attain peace without adequate understanding of the teachings of the noble Qur'an and hadith of Prophet Muhammad

The director of Right Path Arabic Institute, Sheik Yunus Al-Imam, has called on government at all levels to encourage religious education in the country's institution of learning to teach the youths from scriptural perspectives about dangers inherent in the act of terrorism and the benefits of peaceful coexistence among different ethnic groups in Nigeria.

Legit.ng reports that Al-Imam made this assertion at a press briefing held in Lagos where he announced that third edition of the annual Haflah (graduation) ceremony of students in the intermediate and advance classes of the institute would hold on Sunday, March 31, at the Lagos state secretariat mosque auditorium, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos with Sheikh Abdul-Majeed Imran Eleha as the guest lecturer.

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He said that no nation or individual could attain peace without the adequate understanding of and adhering to the teachings of the noble Qur'an and Hadith of Prophet Muhammad.

He said: “The knowledge of the Qur’an and Hadith instills morals in a Muslim. It guides him to the right path and prepares an individual to be useful to himself, his family and the society at large.

‘’It is only by adhering to the words of Allah and the teaching of Prophet Muhammad (May the peace of Allah be with him) that a Muslim can find peace in this world and the hereafter. No true Muslim will kill fellow Muslims in the name of driving home his points. Terrorism is alien to Islam. Therefore, the teaching of Islamic morals is our focus at Right Path Arabic Institute.

‘’We train our students to be good moral agents, to be dutiful to themselves, their families and the society they live in, therefore, if the government could give adequate support and encouragement to religious learning by way of investing and prioritising it, the society will be the better for it as cases of youth restiveness, terrorism and other vices will be a thing of the past.

‘’If the government knows the value and importance of religious institutions to the society, they will support its cause and invest in them to promote peaceful and secured environment.

‘’The huge amount of money government spend to fight crime and insurgency is avoidable if only they could channel it to positively shaping the minds of our children early in life.

‘’I am not advocating Islamising the country, but it is for religious houses either Islam or Christianity to inculcate positive moral and religious values in our children and not preaching love of this world against the hereafter.

Commenting on the recent killing of over 50 Muslims in a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, Al-Imam said: “As regards the killing of Muslims in New Zealand, the perpetrator of the terrorist act is not a Muslim and this tells us that violence doesn’t have a place in Islam.

‘’If you are a Muslim and you understand the Quran and Hadith very well, you wouldn’t want to harm anyone either they belong to your religion or not.”

Speaking on so-called clerics who after their graduation from Arabic institutes, become fortunetellers, claiming to know the unseen and leading people astray, Al-Imam noted that nobody has the knowledge of unseen except Allah - the most High.

He said one of the reasons Right Path was established was to train professionals the Arabic knowledge, Islamic monotheism (Tawheed) and the traditions (Sunnah) of Prophet Muhammad, so that they could be lights to society and propagate Islam in its pristine form.

He said: “One of the fundamental reasons for establishing Right Path Arabic Institute is to train professionals to become propagators of Islam in its pristine form. The truth is that those who claim to know the unseen are liars, it is only Allah who has the knowledge of what it hidden as evident in Suratul Anham (Q27:65).

‘’The problem is that most of the Arabic institutes in Nigeria today don’t teach their students Tawheed and this is the foundation of Islam.

''The truth is that you can’t build something on nothing. There is no way one can understand Tawheed and still engage in what is prohibited by Allah and His messenger.

‘’Our students are professionals in their different fields and by the training we give them, they can’t indulge in anything that will nullify their Islam or invalidate their creed during or after their graduation.''

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Meanwhile, Legit.ng had previously reported that Sheikh Ahmad Sulaiman, a popular northern Qur’anic reciter from Kano state, was released by his kidnappers days after his abduction was announced causing panic among the religious.

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