Man dies for 21 minutes but comes back to life while being wheeled to the morgue

Man dies for 21 minutes but comes back to life while being wheeled to the morgue

A postman named Joao Araujo has been appraised as one of the many people to cheat death on several counts. The man who died for nearly half an hour came back to life in a miraculous fashion while he was being wheeled to the morgue. For this reason, he has been dubbed as the Miracle Man.

According to a team of medical practitioner, there is no logical explanation for what happened to him. Much more, they could not understand how and why he was able to walk away from hospital just three weeks after the incident.

In fact, this is not the first time that Joao escape death. After he miraculously survived an incident that left him with 90 percent blood loss, it was said that he would never survive the operation, or even, walk or move his arms again, but he kicked against all odds, and now, the 48-year-old is still alive to tell his story.

It was said that Araujo died at approximately 4pm. His wife and children were already informed that he was dead and even his parents in Portugal were informed of the sad news.

But then, as the nurses were moving his body from intensive care towards the morgue, they noticed movement in his body. That was about 21 minutes later. In a miraculous way, circulation spontaneously returned to Joao's heart.

Man dies for 21 minutes but comes back to life while being wheeled to the morgue

Postman Joao Araujo Source: The Mirror
Source: Depositphotos

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The chief of the cardiology unit, Mark Petersen, told the family the good news but he also warned them that a person dead for longer than four minutes was prone to having a permanent damage to the brain because there was no oxygen accessing the brain in that time. For this reason, Joao was allowed to remain in coma for three days.

Before he even woke up, a nickname had been coined for him by the staff. He was called Miracle Man. After he woke up, they asked him a series of familiar questions like his name, age and who his family members were but he did not give them the correct answers because his brain could not process the right details.

Instead, he kept telling everyone he had a throat problem just as he rejected interviews from journalists with this assertion: "No! I don’t want to be famous, I don’t want to go on Big Brother!”

Man dies for 21 minutes but comes back to life while being wheeled to the morgue

Joao Araujo and his children Source: The Mirror
Source: Depositphotos

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Just so he could take a shower, he disconnected himself from all of the cables connecting him to the various machines. This created a panic situation in the hospital. He could not even recognise his best friend and rejected him every time he called on him.

When he finally regained his wits, he was sent to hospitals in Bristol and Oxford to determine what had caused his attack and eventual awakening.

A panel of seven doctors told the patient that there was no explanation as he had no prior history of heart problems and was in good shape for his age. But it was said that, probably, his brain had not sent the correct signal to his heart.

Araujo himself said that, “unlike everything else in the body below the eyes, they said that the brain is a mystery, it’s like a Pandora’s Box. They did not have the knowledge to know the reason behind what happened.”

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He was later fitted with an ICD (Implantable cardioverter defibrillator) box against his heart which was programmed to send an electric shock through to his heart if his heart ever stops again. It also monitors his heart rate and sends readings back to the hospital.

And within three weeks of the whole incident, he was allowed to go on and carry on with his life normally. He told his experience after he was released:

“I remember that my son and wife asked if I could carry on watching the football – because I am crazy for football!”

Within three weeks of the attack Joao Araujo was also back to work. He had been working as a lorry driver before the accident.

The surprising thing was that not the first time Mr Araujo had had a miraculous recovery. In 2005, he had a crash in Cuenca, Spain which left him with a broken femur, pelvis, four ribs and shoulder blade. He also suffered 90 per cent blood loss, damaging his pancreas and liver.

Doctors said that he would never survive the operation but he did survive the operation. Then doctors said that he would never walk or move his arms again but he defied all odds and went on to move normally.

The only remembrance from the incident are the has scars all over his body which he calls his tattoos.

The miraculous incident which happened when Joao was 38 years old is now history as he now a works as a local postman and lives with his family and a new partner in Linden, Gloucester. He visits the cardiology ward every six months for a check-up and is still known by the staff as the Miracle Man.

“Every time I go back, the nurses and the people who work there go 'The Miracle Man is back!' Even people I don’t know or recognise from different areas of the hospital say 'It’s the Miracle Man! Everybody knows you, you are famous!'"

Man dies for 21 minutes but comes back to life while being wheeled to the morgue

Joao Araujo's scar Source: The Mirror
Source: Depositphotos

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The postman has had only one problem with his heart since the original attack. In 2015, he collapsed while working as a delivery driver in Abergavenny. But just as every, he got back up to his feet, continued working the whole day, drove back to Gloucester, took a shower and then went to the hospital.

His boss had thought he was crazy but Joao said, "the doctors said that I have too much energy. It doesn't matter if I am in too much pain, I carry on."

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