Happily married man gives 6 solid rules for marital success

Happily married man gives 6 solid rules for marital success

Marriage is naturally a union between a man and a woman who have decided to live happily together forever. However, after tying the knot, many couples have discovered that it is not always a joyful ride.

Living with someone can prove to be a herculean task especially when either party starts to notice unpleasant things they were formerly unaware of.

There are some problems that plague married couples and it can lead either to separation or an unhappy home if not handled properly.

An obviously happily married man identified as Ryan Stephens on Twitter has taken to the microblogging site to share six powerful tips that would be instrumental in keeping a happy home.

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According to Stephens couples should be more focused on being teammates rather than soul mates. This is an indication that marriage requires a lot of work from both parties.

His first point focused on not badmouthing one’s partner to others even when joking.

He also talked about the importance of communication so as not to leave either partner feeling insecure or assuming wrong things.

Stephens also pointed out the importance of being adventurous and trying out new things together. It goes without saying that living together forever can become boring if new and exciting things do not happen.

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Another tip the man gave was celebrating each other’s success. This means that a man should be his wife’s first cheer leader and vice versa.

Stephen also advised couples to be grateful for each other’s contributions without keeping scores.

Finally he highlighted the importance of showing one’s partner respect especially in front of others.

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Stephen was obviously not done as he hammered on the fact that marriage or any long term relationship requires continuous work because it is not all about love and romance. According to him, it is about choosing one's partner everyday.

These tips would most likely be very useful to several couples.

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