Lady demands justice after her niece was wrongfully accused and lynched (photos)

Lady demands justice after her niece was wrongfully accused and lynched (photos)

Recently, a Nigerian lady has come out to demand justice after her niece was wrongfully accused of stealing a man's private part. According to her, the said lady was accused of being a ritualist due to very circumstantial issues. Then, she was set ablaze almost immediately.

According to the lady identified as Oluwakemi Mercy, this lady in question was her niece. This relative of hers was suffering from a mental ailment and this was what gave her accusers the leverage to wrongfully accuse her.

The niece whose name is Aanu was set ablaze somewhere in Ilesha, Osun state. According to Kemi, what really happened was that the mentally ill lady was left stranded at the bus-stop after the person who used to foot her transport bills closed up for the day.

Not knowing what to do, she had asked a random man for transport fare, and suddenly, the person who she had asked accused her of stealing his manhood. A huge furor was stirred, and in the process, Aanu was burnt to death. This news about a female ritualist went around in no time.

Lady demands justice after her niece was wrongly accused and lynched (photos)
Aanu and the man whose manhood she was accused of stealing Source: Oluwakemi Mercy/Facebook
Source: Facebook

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Now, her aunt has come out to stand her ground against the gruelling jungle justice that was meted out to her niece. Appalled by what was done to her relative, she exclusively wrote to demanding that the general public rise to avenge her the death of her niece.

Read her story below:

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"Im afraid of my life in this country, how some people are so brutal and evil. You blood thirsty demons do jungle justice to innocent aanu in ilesha on Sunday on the account she stole manhood. No investigation or anything, they set her on fire.

"I heard her video was shared on social media, im yet to see but im not willing to see. Aanu is not ritualist, shes a girl that life happens to. She's been down with mental illness first time in 2011 and the family has been doing everything within their reach to put her under control. so many times she has been in and out of the hospital.

"Some times she will leave their fathers house in ife and travel to ilesha to meet her sister. This is one of the journey she embarked on and she was set on fire. When i heard about the sad event today, i put a call to her sister. She narrated that they were planning to take her to hospital and their fathers relative she stays with in ife said they should wait till Monday.

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"Aanu left ife on sunday to go meet her sister in ilesha, she was stranded at the bus stop as her sister friend that has shop around the bus stop who use to give her money for okada to go meet her sister shop is on lock because its sunday. Aanu decide to beg for transport fare, a man claim she stole her manhood and they set her on fire.

"Just like that. If this is not evil, i dont know what it is. Justice must be serve on behalf of aanu, i wept, she has been suffering from mental illness and her family keep keeping hope and still managing her. The mother is not yet aware, i wonder what will be her faith when she eventually hear what happened.

"Please I need help, if you are a police, a lawyer or you can be of help in ilesha or anywhere in the world to get justice for this innocent soul that was frame as ritualist and a victim of jungle justice. Her sister said she want to arrest some people, i know she cant do it alone. Im calling on well meaningful Nigerians to come our aid to get justice for aanu. Please if you need her sister contact, feel free to ask, she stays in ilesha. Thank you. #NOTOJUNGLEJUSTICEJUSTICEFORAANU."

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