Hilarious reactions as man gets dumped by girlfriend for eating amala with 'all his fingers'

Hilarious reactions as man gets dumped by girlfriend for eating amala with 'all his fingers'

While a lot of relationships crash due to infidelity, lack of trust, betrayal and the likes, this Nigerian man has taken to social media to recount how he got dumped due to his eating pattern.

As bizarre as it sounds, a Twitter user identified as @pyhsioniyii got his heart broken simply because he consumed his meal a tad bit too enthusiastically.

According to his tweet, his girlfriend broke up with him simply because he ate his meal of amala and ewedu with his fingers (the conventional way) rather than use a spoon (a method considered classy and posh) like she did.

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He wrote: "My Ex broke up with me cos I was using all my fingers to eat Amala and ewedu with Gbegiri when we went out together to eat in a restaurant. She was using spoon. When we left the restaurant, she complained bitterly about my eating pattern and broke up few days later."

The post which was shared on Twitter, gathered a lot of reactions. While many people found her excuse for a breakup hilariously ridiculous, others considered it good riddance to bad rubbish he shouldn't be forced to become something he's not.

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In a similar story, a young lady took to Facebook to call out her boyfriend who dumped her after seeing the okro soup she cooked for him and his family. She also added that the moment was the first time she would be meeting his immediate family members.

According to Ntiwunka Jessica, her boyfriend has not called her after she left his house. Jessica also disclosed that she made use of her money in preparing the meal but her boyfriend was going to do a refund. She made okro soup and eba.

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