Uses of library catalogue students should know

Uses of library catalogue students should know

What do you know about the uses of library catalogue? Do you know what its purpose is? Sometimes one can get confused with what a library catalogue can do exactly, so let’s figure it out once and for all.

Library catalogue
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Library catalogues offer a variety of functions, however, a lot of people are not aware of them. Moreover, sometimes the lack of skills in using the library catalogue stands in the way of the uses of the library to the fullest. Thus, here are 10 uses of library catalogue that might come in handy.

Uses of a library catalogue

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the uses of library catalogue is, perhaps, navigation.

Helps to navigate

In library catalogue one can find the register for all the works that are held in the palace of knowledge. The number of books in libraries can vary from a couple of dozens to up to hundred thousand. Understandably, it’s impossible to know where they all are, even if they are placed in alphabetical order. Therefore, library catalogues are, probably, the only way to get the location of the material you need.

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Shows the collection

Apart from helping you find a book, the library catalogue can show you what the library has to offer in general.

Helps with selecting

Library catalogues can offer you authors that you might also enjoy reading.

Organizes the collection

Library catalogue
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The library catalogue contains a lot of other content, apart from books, such as videos, CDs, programmes, etc.

Describes the essence of the books

Without even reading the book, you can get general information about it.

Among the other uses of the library and its catalogues are the following:

  • Making access to materials quicker
  • Showing other works of authors you might be interested in
  • Saving the time of visitors
  • Giving the fullest information possible

Function of library catalogue

10 uses of library catalogue
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The main function of the library catalogue is to provide the reader with the list of books and other materials you can find in the library.

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In addition to having the general information on the contents of the library, the catalogue also offers important information about each book/material, as well as gives you the location of where you can find it in the library. Basically, it is your map to knowledge that can be found in the library.

Importance of library catalogue

While it is now obvious what a library catalogue is and what purpose it serves, you might still be wondering: but why is it so important? Well, without the catalogue, it would take ages for the librarian to find the book/material you require. The library would be nothing more than a dump of knowledge. It would serve no purpose, as without a catalogue, this knowledge would be almost inaccessible.

For this reason, every library needs a well-structured catalogue that can help anyone find whatever they are looking for. Now you know why you need a library catalogue or how you to use it.

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