Soursop leaf tea for weight loss: pros and cons

Soursop leaf tea for weight loss: pros and cons

Today there are a lot of different diets and herbs that can help with weight loss, but how safe are they? Read on to learn more about soursop leaf tea health benefits and possible unhealthy effects.

Soursop leaf tea

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Soursop leaf tea for weight loss - to drink or not to drink?

Soursop leaf tea has a lot of advantages and benefits. Let's start with the list of pros of using soursop leaf tea for weight loss.

  • This is a natural product

The tea contains natural extracts, and it is much better to use natural herbs then chemicals.

  • Soursop tea helps to reduce hunger

Those who try some diet often suffer from hunger, so you can help yourself with this tea. Drink some soursop tea and forget about hunger during the diet.

  • The tea protects immune system

During diet, one often experience nutritional deficiency, and as a result, one can experience the weakening of the immune system. Soursop leaves contain vitamin C that can help your immune system to be stronger.

Soursop leaf tea for weight loss

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  • The tea contributes to weight loss significantly

Soursop leaves contain natural minerals which can bind fat and calories. It helps the body to derive out all the components that prevent weight loss.

  • The tea normalizes the work of digestive system

It regulates the microflora of the intestine, that can be a contributing factor for weight loss.

These are the pros of using the soursop leaf tea for weight loss, but what about cons?

Beneficial properties of any product, unfortunately, are often accompanied by negative ones.

  • The tea contains caffeine

Sousep tea can be harmful if caffeine affects your health.

  • It can reduce blood pressure

Drinking such tea in large quantities can lead to lower blood pressure, which is dangerous for hypotenics.

Side effects

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  • This drink can change the level of acidity in the stomach, which means that tea is unsafe for people with gastritis and ulcers.
  • Soursop leaf tea can lead to Parkinson's disease. Doctors have fears that the abuse of this drink (more than 3 cups a day) can lead to the development of Parkinson's disease. See also: Yoruba herbs for fertility
  • It is better not to drink the tea during menstruation, pregnancy or during lactation.

Here are possible soursop leaf tea side effects, so do not abuse this drink.

What is soursop?

Soursop is an exotic fruit, also known as Graviola or sour cream apple. This is the fruit of an evergreen tree that grows in humid conditions of a subtropical climate. In some way, the fruit looks like pineapple but covered with long soft spines.

Soursop fruit

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A distinctive feature of the tree is bright green leaves. The leaves themselves have pleasant scent. This fruit is used not only as a beverage component. It is also used in cooking and medicine. Its flesh pulp is used as an ingredient for making jelly. The extract from seeds is good for the treatment of pediculosis. Immature fruits are used for treatment of dysentery. The juice of soursop normalizes blood pressure.

Now you know the properties of this fruit, we hope that it will help you drink it in the right quantity.

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