Types of dates and benefits for our health

Types of dates and benefits for our health

This article is for those who want to learn more about the health benefits of dates. Who among you is not familiar with this amazing fruit? I'm sure this is one of your favorite treats. Not without reason, a lot of medicinal properties are attributed to dates. It is believed that it can prolong life and strengthen health in general.

dates and benefits

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At more detailed consideration the positive influence of fruit is traced due to the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis and many infectious diseases. The beneficial effects of dates on the human brain have been noted too.

What are dates?

Dates are oblong, fleshy and smooth fruits. Their aroma changes from honey-caramel to prunes notes, depending on the types of dates. Dates contain many polyphenols, compared to other fruits and vegetables. Dates can be eaten fresh, or in the dried form. Fruits are added to vegetable and fruit salads and also used as spices during the preparation of meat dishes.

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Waht are types of dates and benefits?

At the moment there are about 1500 kinds of dates. According to the varieties, they are divided into ajwa, sukkary, barhi, khudri, helwa, khalas, majdool,mabroum and many others. They differ in the amount of sugar, color, shape and size. There are three types of dates: soft, semi-dry and dry.

Types of dates

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All kinds of dates are useful for the human body. Dates are rich in vitamins and minerals that provide their medicinal properties.

Dates for muscles

  • Potassium in dates is responsible for the muscle benefits. It helps the body to restore and build up muscles, and also to produce protein - the main component of muscle tissue.

Dates for bones

  • Calcium in the dates fixes bones and joints.

Dates for heart

  • Regular use of dates will keep the heart healthy and protect against heart attacks and strokes. They can also be recommended for heart problems due to the high concentration of potassium. The dates strengthen, tone, stimulate the work of the heart. People with heart failure must use them to restore their strength.

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Dates for vessels

  • The lymphatic system consists of a multitude of interlacing vessels. Synthesizing collagen is responsible for their strength and elasticity, which is found in dates,.

Dates for nerves

  • Dates are rich in B vitamins, which help keep the nervous system healthy. Vitamin B6 is responsible for a good mood. Dates can prevent the development of Alzheimer's disease and the formation of plaques in the brain, which break the connection between the brain cells.

Dates for eyes

  • Carotenoids in the dates are used for the eyes. Regular use will preserve eyesight and reduce the risk of eye diseases, including macular degeneration.
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Dates for the bronchi

  • The use of fruits in fresh form, as well as in the form of broths and syrups cure colds with a cough, sore throat, and bronchitis.

Dates for the intestine

  • The dates eliminate diarrhea and constipation and also normalize the work of the intestines. The dates for constipation are not only salvation but also the prevention of disorders. The fiber in the dates quickly satiates and helps to avoid hunger for a long time. For this reason, the fruits are included in a menu of different diets.

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Dates for the kidneys

  • Dates help prevent the development of cystitis and kidney disease and quickly eliminate problems with the urinary system. Eating fruits will relieve swelling.

Dates for skin and hair

  • Vitamin B in the dates maintains the health of the skin and hair, making them strong and beautiful. Collagen in the fruit is responsible for the elasticity of the skin, and calcium allows you to maintain the health of nails and hair.

Dates for immunity

  • The use of dates strengthens the immune system and helps it to fight viruses and bacteria faster and more efficiently.

Pregnancy and dates

  • Dates are sources of nutrients that have a positive effect on fetal development and on the course of pregnancy. Studies have shown that women who use dates in late pregnancy did not experience problems during natural childbirth. Dates reduce pain during labor, and also improve labor activity, reducing the need for stimulation of labor. The high caloric value of dates makes them a good source of energy for women in the process of delivery.

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benefits of dates for men

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Harm and contra-indication of dates

The product is not recommended for people suffering from:

  1. diabetes mellitus - due to high sugar content in the composition;
  2. obesity - because of the high caloric content, it will help quickly gain weight;
  3. allergy to dates;
  4. dates can harm the body when used excessively. It is expressed as a lesion of the teeth due to fructose, as well as in the form of an intestinal disorder.

Benefits of dates for men

According to the results of the researchers, dates, in general, have a positive effect on the body, strengthen men's health, and therefore indirectly affect the potency. It is known that the regular use of dates helps to make the body more stress-resistant and helps to pass regular physical and mental loads more easily.

The product is indispensable for men who have problems with the volume of seminal fluid or impotence, in particular, which was triggered by a disorder of the nervous system.

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Interesting Facts:

  • Alexander the Great, who is considered one of the most famous generals, was noted for his wisdom and physical endurance. He was sure that before the battle it is necessary to eat 7 dates. They were given to fighters before the battle.
  • In the east, men wore small talismans with dates, as they were sure that this fruit preserves their masculine strength and ability to give offspring.
  • The Prophet Al-Bukhari claimed that if you start the day with 7 dates, then black magic cannot do you harm and you will avoid poisoning.

Benefits of dates in the morning

Using dates at the beginning of the day, you can get rid of parasites, strengthen the heart, cleanse the liver and kidneys. Researchers came to the conclusion that such a diet is beneficial for improving vision and hearing. The substances included in the dates, contribute to the necessary moisturizing of the eyes and are the prevention of Graves' disease.

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They are recommended as a natural sedative. Using dates, we reduce the feeling of anxiety, get rid of fatigue and overwork, especially with prolonged mental stress.

Dates can become a source of vitamins, minerals, and energy. They are a delicious and healthy dessert that can replace harmful sweets. Now you know the types of dates and their benefits.

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