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Bible study topics for youth

Bible study topics for youth

If you are in charge of some youngsters at your church and looking for some interesting Bible study topics for youth, we can give you a hand with that. We have compiled a list of 10 topics you can use for your young Bible study group that will not be boring for kids and/or adolescents. Find out how you can bring out spirituality and healthy curiosity about the Lord and the Bible in youth.

Bible study topics for youth

These days, it is getting harder and harder to interest young people in anything they might not want to be interested in. A lot of them are growing further apart from religion, which might be disappointing for some parents. That is why we want to offer ten Bible study outlines for those who have the power to influence young minds. Use them as a basis to build upon, and soon you will be able to come up with your own Bible study topics.

How to deal with temptation?

When you are young, it is harder to fight temptation than when you are an adult. Everything seems so exciting, and you want to try it all, no matter how dangerous it might be. Thus, it is important to teach young people how to fight and resist temptation.

First, it is necessary to mention that everyone has struggled with temptation, including Jesus. However, temptation itself is not a sin, but giving into it is. Second, the youth need to understand that each person has their own temptations, so they should help others to steer clear of their temptations, even if it seems like there could be nothing tempting about it. Third, you should arm kids and adolescents against temptation, be it with the story of your own example or with the verses from the Bible.

A study on prayer

While the understanding of prayer comes natural to some, others often struggle with the idea, That is why you need to teach the children about what prayer is, how it ‘works’ and why it is important. They should be aware of how they can talk to God through their prayers and know what they can ask of Him and in what way.

The Bible is full of mentions of prayers, which means that you should use it as a tool for teaching young people about prayer. The four gospels in particular talk a lot about prayer, so you can use it as a starting point and work your way from there.

How to study the Bible?

Bible study topics for youth

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Obviously, one of the Bible topics for youth should be on actually studying the Bible. There are many ways to go about it, some of which you can find if you follow the link above, but know that there is no wrong way. You, along with your students, can figure out how you want to study the Bible in order to achieve your specific goals.

Despite what a lot of people say, do not be afraid to offer your kids to read the Bible like they would any other book, and maybe they will be the ones who will teach you something new.

Basic Bible Doctrines

No Bible study would be complete without the overview of the most basic terms and principles. If this is your first time ever meeting the kids in your group, you need to make sure they know what they are doing there and what the Bible is about (in general terms). You can have several introductory lessons based topics, such as what is the Holy Trinity, what the Bible is and why it exists, how mankind was created and many more.

What does the Bible say of the 10 Commandments?

Every Christian needs to know the 10 Commandments, so it is a good idea to talk about them at the youth Bible study. In order to make the learning process more interesting, you can offer your wards to review the 10 Commandments in their historic context, as well as figure out which countries utilise the most of them in their constitution and other essential legal documents.

How to be Christ’s disciple?

Bible study topics for youth

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We are quite certain that this is one of the youth topics that should be interesting for both you and your charges. After all, it is often hard to make them listen to you, let alone some guy in the sky they have never seen before. That is why you should turn to the New Testament and teach them about Jesus and his followers. We recommend you begin with Romans 12, but it is your call.

Learning about the gift of the spirit

Bible is full of mentions of the spirit gifts, take for example Acts of the Apostles and Corinthians. They talk of gifts from the Holy Spirit to all the believers, which means that each of us has been given something special. Different authors mention different types of gifts (for example, the gift of tongues or the gift of healing), so it would be interesting to have a little exercise, where each member of the Bible study group could figure out their own gifts, as well as the gifts of their friends.

How to control the tongue

When you are young, it is sometimes very hard to keep your mouth shut, which often leads to some rather uncomfortable situations. To avoid that, you should teach the youngsters when it is better to speak and when to hold their tongue. Bible is actually very useful for this, as it can explain the destructive power of the loose tongue and tell how to use it right.

What does the Bible say about marriage?

Bible study topics for youth

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While it might be a little too early to talk about marriage to some kids, others might be at the age when the talk is not only unavoidable but also necessary. The Bible has some wonderful examples of how a marriage (and any kind of relationship, really) should work, so highlight them at the next Bible study to prepare the young people for their future.

How to forgive?

Forgiveness is one of the most important themes in the Bible, as we have found in Jesus, and we ask God for it every day. It is important to explain that, while we might not be able to forget the hurt someone might have done upon us, we must learn to forgive and not hold it against them.

For young people who are usually so emotional and expressive, this topic is essential, as they might often be reluctant to forgive, because everything seems like a big deal when you are young. The Bible can show them that forgiveness is possible no matter what.

These are just ten general topics you can use for your youth Bible study. Feel free to explore other topics and leave them in the comments. God bless you.

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