10 oldest men in the Bible

10 oldest men in the Bible

One of the greatest mysteries of the Bible is life span of its characters. And in fact, is a person able to live more than nine hundred years, like Adam or Sif? If you want to know about the oldest man in the Bible and who it is, read on. It will be interesting to know the names of 10 oldest men in the Bible.

10 oldest men in the Bible

Who is the oldest man in the Bible

Let us turn to the genealogy of the first human on the Earth, Adam. In the Old Testament it is written in black and white, "And all the years of Adam's life were nine hundred and thirty: and he came to his end."

If we take the Bible and look at the life duration of the first people, we will really get numbers that are incomprehensible and incredible from the logic point of view. So, we read, that Adam, the God-created fathet of humanity, lived for 930 years. His son Seth lived 912 years. Adam`s grandson Enos - 905 years. The great-grandson Kainan lived 910 years. Methuselah lived 969 years and became the long-livers champion of the planet. There is even an expression of the Methuselah century. Famous Noah from the ark lived 950 years.

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10 oldest men in the Bible

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But why did people in the Bible live so long?

Longevity in the Bible has been a topic of debate among historians for many years.There is a mention that people lived a long life in comparison with our time and gives different assumptions. Some argue this is a translation mistake. Others believe the numbers for ancestors were symbolic, and age was measured not by years lived, but by months. After all, the previous account was for the lunar month. The moon around the Earth turns for a month, and this was a starting point. Change of lunar phases is the most accessible way of observing celestial phenomena because peoples used lunar calculus.

When people began settling down, and all significant events and work beginnings were tied to the Sun course, lunar calendar ceased to be popular.

That's how patriarchs longevity began to grow rapidly. Ninety-three years have turned into nine hundred and thirty, ninety-one to nine hundred and ten.

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There is also information that longevity was associated with the climate of that time, as well as with food because people didn`t eat meat then. That's what God says in Bible, "Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which [is] upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.

10 oldest men in the Bible

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Oldest man in the Bible

The average men's age from Adam to Noah including the latter is 857 years, from Noah to Abraham including Noah is approximately 375 years.

10 oldest men in the Bible

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Top 10 oldest men in the Bible

  1. Adam lived 930 years ➞ he gave birth to Seth at 130,
  2. Seth lived 912 years ➞ he gave birth to Enos at 105,
  3. Enos lived 905 years ➞ he gave birth to Cainan at 70,
  4. Kainan lived 910 years ➞ he gave birth to Mahalalel at 70,
  5. Mahalalel lived 895 years ➞ he gave birth to Jared at 65
  6. Jared lived 962 years ➞ gave birth to Enoch at 162 years,
  7. Enoch lived 365 years ➞ at 65 gave,he birth to Methuselah,
  8. Methuselah lived 969 years ➞ at almost 200 , he gave birth to Lamech,
  9. Lamech lived 777 years ➞ at 182 years he gave birth to Noah.
  10. Noah lived 950 years ➞ when he was 500 years old, he gave birth to his sons Shem, Ham, and Japheth
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So, as you see the title of the oldest man in the Bible belongs to Methuselah, son of Enoch and grandson of Jared. According to the Bible, he lived 969 and it is more than any other man in the Holy book.

Top 10 oldest men in the Bible

Questions of longevity concern modern people. There is a separate science - gerontology, which studies various aspects of human aging, its causes and how to deal with it. People who are seriously concerned with the issue of aging apply achievements of practical gerontology and anti-aging medicine. It should be noted that the scientists conducted quite serious studies necessary to create an effective anti-aging medicine.

But the elders say that keeping God's commandments, rules established by the Church and patristic teachings not only give a happy and long life to a human, all this will be a preparation for Eternity, to that new world in which, as St. John the Evangelist says, "there will be no more time." Be healthy and live for as long as the oldest man in the Bible! ☺

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