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Onion benefits and side effects you should know about

Onion benefits and side effects you should know about

There are many onion benefits and side effects, and each of us has to learn more about them. This popular vegetable is used in multiple meals, added raw to salads or can be eaten alone. Many people consume onions because they wish to enjoy some advantages for their health.

Onion benefits and side effects you should know about

Facts about onion

You will hardly find a person who doesn't know what onion are? All parts of the vegetable can be eaten, both the bulb that is located in the ground and green leaves. You can chop the green onions into your summer salad, add onion bulbs into potatoes, soups, meatballs, and other meals.

Many people use onion juice and its pieces for health improvement. The vitamins and nutritional elements contained in this vegetable offer many impressive benefits, but many do not know about the side effects of onions. Checkout the pros and cons of eating raw onions.

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Benefits and side effects of onion

Onions contain vitamins C and A, flavonoids, sulphur, phytochemicals and are a source of other useful elements. Onions are rich in minerals, potassium, iron, useful chemicals, and fiber. They can make you healthier, help you to fight numerous diseases in the most natural way, improve your mood, and make you happier.

You will be surprised to explore more about eating raw onions side effects and benefits. Let's start with the benefits and then go smoothly to the side effects.

Health benefits of onions

  • Effective to fight hair loss

People who suffer from thin and unhealthy hair, who lose their hair and wish to improve its health can apply onion juice to their scalp and eat fresh vegetables every day. 2-3 months of regular hair treatment should show a positive effect for many people who suffer from alopecia areata.

  • Healthier heart

Different studies have shown that people who consume onions on a regular basis can potentially reduce extra high blood pressure, prevent blood platelets, make blood thinner and reduce the risks of heart attack. In other words, this vegetable can improve your heart health, and we all know how important this organ is in our lives.

Blood pressure
  • Blood pressure control

Those people who suffer from high blood pressure can eat more onions and even take the extract from this vegetable for several weeks in a row. The elements you get while eating this product can low down high blood pressure. However, please note that different experts say that onions can improve the ‘top numbers’ but cannot do much about the ‘low numbers’ of human pressure.

  • Way to improve your scars

If you have scars on your skin, you can use onion extract for 2-4 months and see a positive effect on them. They will not completely disappear, but their appearance should really improve.

  • Treatment of diabetes

Patients with diabetes can talk to their doctor about adding onion treatment into their everyday meals. Some researches show a positive effect to some people who followed their diet and ate approximately 20 grams (this is just a piece because a medium-size onion is approximately 140-150 grams) of onions per day for at least 2 months in a row.

Top benefits of onions you should know about

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  • PCOS improvement

Some women have heard of PCOS, and many have experienced this polycystic ovary syndrome. If you try to eat 30 grams of raw red onions every day, you might control your weight and improve your health condition.

  • Natural remedy against infections

Adding raw onions or cook them for dinners can help you fight with numerous infections. This product can be incredible when you have a fever, cough, sick stomach, throat inflammation, colds, etc. You can try eating more servings of this vegetable if you have asthma, atherosclerosis, and bronchitis.

  • Improving your stretch marks

Those people who suffer from stretch marks can treat this problem with special creams that are based on onions (its extract, to be clearer). You can try such a treatment for at least 3 months, and your stretch marks should get a better look.

Weight loss
  • Weight loss effect

Maybe onions and onion extract is not the tastiest product on earth, but you can take it when you wish to control your extra weight. Talk to your doctor about adding onion extract into your dietary meals, maybe you will find a new recipe that will help you to lose extra weight.

Onion side effects you should know about

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Onion side effects

Excess amounts of any product can lead to disadvantages for your health. This means that people who consume too many onions might experience side effects instead of benefits of onions in the body.

  • Allergy source

Those people who are allergic to different products need to be sure they are not allergic to onion before consuming it. Allergy can lead to dangerous consequences, so it is not safe to eat this vegetable if you have an allergy.

Top onion side effects to keep in mind
  • Heartburn issue

Onions are not recommended in big quantities to pregnant women and those people who suffer from heartburn problems in their regular life. Experiencing the unpleasant ‘burning’ feeling in the chest is horrible, that is why you should treat your stomach with healthy foods and not just raw onions.

  • Abdominal problems

Because onion is rich in fructose, it can cause different issues due to our bodies being not able to digest natural sugar the correct way. You can suffer from gas and abdominal bloating. However, this usually happens only when you eat too many onions, and the discomfort will not last forever.

  • Extra-low blood pressure

Small amounts of onions are good for reducing high blood pressure because this vegetable is a perfect source of potassium. However, big amounts of the vegetable can cause the opposite effect. If your blood pressure is reduced significantly, you can experience various health issues. You can suffer from nausea, feel dizzy, get blurry vision, and so on.

  • Heart problems

You can experience onion side effects when you overeat this product. We have already mentioned that it can reduce your blood pressure to extreme levels.

  • Bad breath disadvantage

One of the main eating raw onions side effects is bad breath you can get. The strong onion smell lasts for a long time. People who love this vegetable have to control their desires and consume small amounts of onion at a time. This way you can enjoy health benefits and avoid the after smell effect.

You have learned that eating raw onions can have side effects and great advantages for your health. These vegetable is super-healthy.

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