The richest actor in Nollywood

The richest actor in Nollywood

This industry develops very fast and offers a big selection of new comedies, soap operas, dramas, blockbusters and thrillers every year. Actors who are featured in these films get their portion of fame and wealth. So who is the richest actor in Nollywood at this moment?

Richest Actor in Nigeria

It is curious to learn who is the richest actor, but the ranking quickly changes. Some people get more contracts, roles and commercial propositions and earn more than the others. We want to talk about the richest actor in Nollywood at this moment, right here right now.

There is probably no Nigerian who doesn't know this man. We are sure that you love him for being himself, for acting professionally on screen for decades and decades and for presenting many amazing movies and stories to each of us.

Being the richest actor in Nigeria, he is also very popular and loved by millions of women and men from all over the country and outside its territory (his Instagram account boasts over 1.1 million followers).

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The Richest Actor’s Name is RMD

You do know RMD, right? He is the richest actor in Nigeria (among male and female actors) in Nollywood at this moment.

RMD is a short name used by millions of fans of this 57-year-old actor. His full name is Richard Mofe Damijo. For many years, he has been starring in some amazing films.

Some experts refer to Richard Mofe Damijo as ‘Nollywood veteran.’ Modern teenagers and young people might not watch films from the 1980’s, but you definitely need to see ‘Ripples’ as this was a famous TV soap opera nearly 40 years ago with this awesome man.

Richard Mofe Damijo awards

RMD is not just the richest actor in Nigeria at this moment. He is awarded some really prestigious awards. For instance, the Africa Movie Academy announced him as the Best Actor 13 years ago and also awarded him a Lifetime Achievement prize 2 years ago.

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It is true that RMD is paid really high compared to many other Nigerian actors. He is highly respected all across the country. You can often hear his voice in TV ads and on radio. Many big companies, including Glo, Heineken among others, are happy to work with Richard Mofe Damijo, who is also former Delta state Culture and Tourism commissioner.

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While you are probably going to watch new films with RMD, we will finally say how rich he is. Many different sources claim he has a net worth of about 15 million U.S. dollars. We should note that some experts believe he could have less money than this, but he is still the richest if compared to other Nollywood actors in 2018.

Richard Mofe Damijo movies

Here is your incredible program for the upcoming weekend. Get both parts of ‘The Wedding Party’ and enjoy ‘The Grudge’ afterwards. Or watch ‘Baby Girl,’ ‘Angels of Destiny,’ ’10 Days in Sun City’ and search for even more Nollywood films featuring Richard Mofe Damijo. This is a talented actor whose performance you will absolutely find unique, interesting and worth seeing.

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Nollywood & Status of the Richest in Nigeria

Being a Nollywood actor is prestigious and incredible, because hardworking men and women can get their success and earn more than enough for a happy living.

Nollywood is the Nigerian version of the famous Hollywood. The country’s movie industry got its ‘Nollywood’ name sometimes in the 2000's. It is believed that the now-popular term was once used by the famous and respected New York Times paper, however, people still argue which movies and actors are considered ‘Nollywood.’

For example, the richest actor in Nigeria… Is he the richest in Nollywood or not? We believe that ‘Nollywood’ are all films created in the country, be it Yoruba films, English movies, Igbo stories or other ethnic language creations. Thus, we can say that Richard Mofe Damijo is the richest actor in Nollywood at this moment. Now you know the name of the richest Nigeria male actor.

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P.S. Which are your favorite movies with the richest actor?

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