Latest weavon hairstyles to fix in 2019

Latest weavon hairstyles to fix in 2019

Nigerian hairstyles are gorgeous, and there are so many different options you can choose from. What if your hair is not thick or long enough to create a memorable hairstyle? There is no need to worry because weavon hair can help you. See the latest weavon styles to fix in 2019, and read all you need to know about weavon fixing styles!

Latest weavon hairstyles to fix in 2018

Weavon styles to fix

So many people nowadays choose to change their looks completely by fixing the weavon styles into their hair. Weavon costs some money, but in the end, it is an absolutely safe and gorgeous material that you can decorate your hair with. When you are wearing weavon, no one will ever notice that it is not your real hair, and you will be able to leave everyone smitten with your looks.

Latest weavon hairstyles

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Trending hairstyles in Nigeria

Here, you can see some of the most fashionable and modern hairstyles that contain weavon extensions. They can be worn by everyone without exception. Show everyone that you are totally rocking your weavon hairstyle, which cannot be told apart from the natural hair.

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1. Classic braids

Thick African Ghana braids are a perfect choice for any lady who wants a luxurious and noticeable hairstyle. This result can be achieved by weaving a lot of braids on your head. This would take quite some time, but in the end, you will get the classic Nigerian braids, which is one of the most universal hairstyles for women. You can do anything you want with the braids – pull them into buns, ponytails, pigtails, make big braids out of the small ones. A lot of Nigerian ladies also decorate their braids with beaded accessories. If you have short hair but are dreaming of braids, you should not give up on your dream. It is always possible for you to try them out.


2. Gofre

If you have never heard of gofre, just look it up and you will fall in love with this hairstyle! The gofre hair option is not only popular and loved in Nigeria, but it is also respected in the entire world. Basically, gofre consists of small and voluminous curls, which are also chic and shiny. You are open for loads of new opportunities if you decide to try this hairstyle. You will be able to create any of the best curly hair variants on your head. For the creation of gofre, you will need to purchase some kanekalon. Gofre is currently on the peak of popularity, and not everyone is courageous to try it out, but maybe you are?

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3. Beyonce weaving style

So many young women aspire to look like Beyonce, and maybe the beautiful weaving hairstyle is just the start that you need. The understated curls are a popular hairstyle that the superstar once wore. It looks very natural and lovely, and no one would even guess that you have hair extensions. It would not take long for you to create such a hairstyle. If you have got short hair, it would be the perfect choice for you. Also, here is a tip for you: natural makeup would look beautiful combined with this hairstyle.

Beyonce, photo from

4. Ponytail extension

This simple hair choice is loved by everyone. However, not every person has enough hair for creating the ponytail. You should not worry – attaching the ponytail to your hair is extremely easy, and you will not have to spend much time on it. Just buy a ponytail of your desired length and use easy steps to attach it to your natural hair. The ponytail does not have to be just the same as your hair – sometimes ladies aim for multicolored ones or the ones with ombre or colorful streaks. There are no limits when it comes to fantasy.

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Ponytail extension

5. Short weaving hair

If you like short hairstyles and want to achieve the desired result with the help of weave-on extensions, you can easily create a stylish undercut, pixie cut, curly hairdo or a bob with artificial hair. Nowadays, it is possible to make anything you want with artificial hair! No wonder that celebrities turn to the cute short hairstyles so often.

Short weaving

When you look at photos of celebrities and models wearing weavon, you probably think it is easy and simple to create weavon hairstyles in Nigeria. In fact, it is not as easy as it seems, but you can still do it if you are patient enough. All the beauty and uniqueness of the weavon hairstyle will be totally worth all the hassle. If you feel like you are unable to do it on your own, you can go to the hair salon. But it is possible to create such hairstyle in a home environment, with the help of some materials that you can purchase from the store. To teach you the basics of applying weavon to your hair, we have prepared a little guide that will be useful for you.

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To create a magnificent weavon hairstyle, you will need the following materials:

  • Hair extensions.
  • The curved needles that are specifically for hairdressers.
  • Threads of your hair’s color. They will be useful for sewing in the extensions. Be sure that they are as close as possible to the color of your hair and extensions because otherwise, it will be noticeable that you have sewn the extensions in.
  • Comb.
  • Hairpins.
  • Scissors.

Now, here is a detailed instruction about fixing the weavon in your hair. Get inspired and create the most unique hairstyle!

  1. First of all, your starting step would be washing your hair. Do it very thoroughly and use some good care production. When you are done, dry your hair.
  2. Think of the final look of your hairstyle and plan where the braids and extensions should be weaved to get the best result.
  3. Then, you should collect the strands that remained, and fix them so they would not stand in a way of your work.
  4. Take a little piece of the hair extension, and then attach it to the thin braid. For sewing them together, you will have to use a needle and thread.
  5. Afterwards, you should create a few levels when you sew the fake hair to your braids. You should start from the bottom, and then slowly move up.
  6. All the places are recommended to be handled with a needle, in order to fix all the extensions tightly.
  7. If your extension seems a little too long, you will have to cut off the unnecessary part after reaching the end of the row.
  8. When you have finished with all the layers, free the hair that you have collected previously, and style your hair to make it look as perfect as possible.
  9. Congratulations, you now have an amazing weavon hairstyle! If the result did not turn out how you wanted it to, you can either go to the hairdresser or practice a little more. Never be discouraged!
  10. After weaving in the hair extension, you will be supposed to take some extra care of your hair. How long the extension will last, and how great will be your look, depends only on you. Here are some recommendations that will help you with keeping your new hairstyle memorable and beautiful.
  11. When you are washing your hair, you should try your best not to rub your shampoo too strongly into the roots. The best way would be washing your hair with soap solution.
  12. When it comes to the shampoo choice, you will have to pick the easy shampoo with low concentration, which would be just right for using every day.
  13. After you have washed your hair, you will need to apply the hair conditioner to comb your hair easily. This way, your strands will have a smooth and healthy look.
  14. Washing your head is best under the shower. A hot bath can be damaging for the attached hair extensions.
  15. Do not dry your hair with a hairdryer, especially in the hot mode. Also, stop using the curling iron to curl your hair. For artificial strands, it could cause damage.
  16. You should comb your hair regularly – at least three times per week. You are strongly recommended to use the combs that are made out of natural material, and they should also have sparse teeth.
  17. If you have curls, untangle them in a gentle manner at least a few times a day.
  18. You should not go to sleep with the wet head. Always dry it and gather your hair in a ponytail or braid.
  19. Do not use the hair care products which contains alcohol.

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Types of weavon and their prices
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Types of weavon and their prices

The original artificial hair will most definitely cost you some money. It depends on which type of weavon you are buying, and how much of it you will need. Here, we will list some of the most common types of weavon for you and list their estimated prices according to the online shopping websites like,,, and others.

  • Short straight hair – N25,000
  • Brazilian hair body wave – N18,000
  • Brazilian deep wave extension – N42,000
  • Brazilian hair baby curl – N42,000
  • Brazilian natural straight hair – N52,000

Keep in mind that these prices are only estimated ones, as different hairs cost differently. These were the latest weavon styles that you might like. Weavon extensions are super easy to use, and they will not cause any harm to your hair.

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