Two women allegedly pay N389,000 for holy water

Two women allegedly pay N389,000 for holy water

Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Two sisters have allegedly fallen prey of a scammer who promised he had the solution to their problems only to make away with a huge sum of money and fail to deliver.

Stories of scammers come up every now and then. Just recently, two Singaporean sisters fell victim of a middle-aged man who promised he could rid them of their "bad lucks" and proceeded to bill them for his services.

30-year-old Ms Yang took a leap of faith when she gave the unidentified middle-aged man N389,000 for nine bottle of water which he claimed will stop all the bad luck and turn her life around for good.

Although, the bottles looked like regular bottled water, Yang was desperate and fell for his smooth talking which her sister exposed her to. Yang and her husband were unemployed and lived in a house with their kids, sister and father. So when "hope" came through Yang's sister, she believed in it.

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Two women allegedly pay N389,000 for holy water

Two women allegedly pay N389,000 for holy water to cure bad luck Source: model

Thinking all her problems will go away like the man claimed, she started the ritual of sipping a spoon out of the bottle everyday as well as splashing some all over her body. It took only a short while before she realised things weren't getting any better and she had fallen for a scam.

She immediately called the seller to complain and he nudged her to purchase more bottles and blatantly refused to refund her money when she asked.

Yang involved the police, knowing she had fallen prey of a fraudster. She advised people to be more careful as she shared her horrible experience with Lianhe Wanboa newspaper.

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