Actress Uche Ogbodo celebrates her 32nd birthday with beautiful photos of herself

Actress Uche Ogbodo celebrates her 32nd birthday with beautiful photos of herself

Nollywood actress Uche Ogbodo has celebrated her birthday with beautiful photos.

The actress who turned 32 on Thursday, May 17, took to social media to wish herself a happy birthday with stunning pictures.

Talking about how much she has grown in her post, Uche expressed that she has never dreaded getting older because she knows that it means she has evolved and grown.

She stated that her birthdays have always been a time to reflect, be thankful for all she has and hope for a better tomorrow.

Ogbodo further stated that her birthdays bring the promise of tomorrow. She noted that she likes to look ahead, adding that every time she looks back she knows she has done well.

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“Happy birthday to me! For some reason, I always become quite reflective around the time of my birthday.Unlike some people, I don’t ever dread turning a year older. I love growing older, evolving and reflecting on where life has taken me.

My birthday is always a time of gratitude, hope and optimism. I’m always excited to think about what the year ahead will hold, while remembering to not let the past define me!

I Sit in a different car now as I look ahead , “Anything is possible “ ‘Cos I’m not the girl I used to be. Happy birthday to me. Yes! it’s been some 365 days of rigorous activities! It’s been some weeks of waking up, sleeping and going about the business of the day.

And no matter how it’s been, that I’m alive today is a proof that the future is Great. So, when I look back at where I’m coming from, I can only say to myself “You Have Done Well. I’m another year older and another year more gorgeous, intelligent, and talented as ever!

More S*xy , More Driven, More Blessed ! Thank You lord for your Undying Love I Love You Lord! Happy Birthday to me!”

In another post, the actress stated that she became driven and fierce because of the way life and people around her treated her.

She said: "Life and people have turned me down a lot of times. But, I made up my mind never to settle for less. So I Became Fierce , I Became Relentless, I became Stronger , I became Sexier, I Became Driven , I became Hopeful, i Became A Goddess just to prove prove that I Can! Thank you God For without You I would have been Defenseless."

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Uche Ogbodo is a Nigerian actress and producer born in Enugu state, on May 17, 1986. She debutted as an actress in 2006 but her career began after her father registered her with the Actors Guild of Nigeria in Enugu state.

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