Advantages of military rule in Nigeria

Advantages of military rule in Nigeria

Nigeria has experienced both sides of the military rule; nobody thinks the military rule was perfect, it had so many disadvantages which left people with no choice but to request for democracy. However, there were also some positive moments which aided the development of Nigeria under the military rule. Let us take a look at the top 10 advantages of military rule!

Advantages of military rule in Nigeria

What is military rule?

In the history of Nigeria, the period of military rule was also a period of military juntas; this is very different from the civilian form of dictatorship. The leaders of military juntas can justify their power by protecting the nation from corrupt politicians. They often view themselves as the saviors of the nation.

What is military rule?

Most of the military juntas are created after a coup d`etat. Military leadership may gradually restore the mechanism of the civilian rule at the low level of society. Nonetheless, the highest legal authority will be given to the military dictatorship.

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Military rulers justify their authority as a desire to bring justice and political stability to a country. They want to “protect” citizens from “dangerous ideologies.” For instance, a lot of military juntas in the past used the ideas of protection against communism and capitalism as the justification of their rule. Military rulers usually portray civilian democratic rulers as corrupt and ineffective.

Advantages of military rule in Nigeria

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The universal characteristic for every military rule is the institution of the permanent state of emergency or martial law. These institutions provide direct control of military officers over the country. All democratic elections might be ceased while the martial law is in action. Military juntas can also decide which political parties can be allowed to function in a country. Do not forget about the suspension of civil rights and freedoms.

Top 10 Advantages of military rule

What are the advantages of military rule in Nigeria? Nigeria has witnessed a lot of military coups. The first military coup took place in January 1966, it was led by Major Emmanuel Ifeajuna and Major Kaduna Nzeogwu.

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Top 10 Advantages of military rule

The second military coup happened on July 1966. It was a so-called “counter-coup” headed by Major-General Gowon. In 1975, General Yakubu Gowon brought Murtala Muhammed to power and in 1976, Lt General Olusegun Obasanjo came to power during another military coup.

In 1983, Major General Buhari came to power after a military coup, and yet another coup was witnessed in 1985, which was led by General Ibrahim Babangida.

Nigeria certainly has a lot of experience when it comes to being ruled by military leaders; these experiences brought a lot of sorrow to Nigeria, but you will always find a few benefits from military rule. has gathered these top ten benefits.

Advantages of military rule in Nigeria

1. Discipline

People are more disciplined during the military rule. One of the reasons for that is the new institution of punishment! It may include punishment by death for any criminal activity. One of the greatest examples was the War Against Indiscipline implemented during the rule of General Buhari.

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2. Control of Corruption

Military rulers cannot exactly be described as saints, they can also be involved in corrupt activities, however, they have a great role to play in clamping down on corruption. Corruption was not so widely spread during the military era.

3. Respect for Authority

This respect is always born out of the fear of punishments. You will not find a lot of peaceful demonstrations against authorities during the military rule; therefore, it is hardly possible that any peaceful solution can be achieved during the military rule.

3. Respect of Authority

4. Respect for Military Service

Military men can get a lot of attention during the military rule, therefore, the most respected and the most popular professions during the military rule are connected with the military service. Authority and power come only with military ranks under this rule.

5. Structure

During the military rule, the structure is very simple and the highest military rank officer usually gets the highest position in the state. Therefore, the distribution of power is controlled by military ranks. The higher your military rank, the more power you have.

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6. Army

Military rule provides the best benefits for members of the Army. The Army can provide the best protection for the military law. Only military forces can guarantee the enforcement of military rule, however, it can be overthrown by people.

4. Respect of Military Service

7. Military Justice

Military justice can be cruel but it can also be very swift. You can rely on swift justice if you serve under the military rule. Nonetheless, nobody is guaranteed to get the exact kind of justice you are looking for.

8. Market Prices

Market prices can be very strict during the military rule, it can also provide some kind of stability for the people. Nonetheless, the real market prices can be really high. The military rule can damage the quality of goods and services available for people.

9. Strong Leadership

Every military ruler is a strong leader. It is usually people with charismatic personalities that can obtain this position in the society; that way, the leaders usually remain unchallenged.

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9. Strong Leadership

10. Criminal Activity

If a country is ruled by the military, you will rarely find a lot of gangs on the streets. The martial law can quickly illuminate all criminals.


Military rule in Nigeria brought a lot of problems into the country; nonetheless, there were also some advantages which helped Nigeria remain a united country.

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