Atiku Abubakar lists all the companies he owns

Atiku Abubakar lists all the companies he owns

In 2014, former vice president, Atiku Abubakar, said that he believes he is the largest private employer of labour in Nigeria. This, he revealed in a series of tweets on his twitter handle, @atiku, while discussing the need to prioritise job creation in Nigeria.

“As an individual, I believe my record in employing young Nigerians is unrivalled by any single private investor in Nigeria #LetsTalkJobs,” the former vice president said.

Mr Abubakar, who has investments in media, shipping, education, and other sectors, said back then that he currently employs about 50,000 people in his companies in Nigeria.

Although there have been various speculations as to the exact companies he owns, he made a big reveal again on Twitter on September 7.

Another Nigerian had accused Atiku of owning MIKANO, a company producing electricity generators. He tweeted:

The former vice president who has been linked to presidential ambitions for 2019, was forced to reply and he did by saying:

He then listed the companies he owns:

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Below is some information on his companies:

1. Intels

Intels Nigeria Limited provides integrated logistics services for the Nigerian oil and gas industry.

It offers agency services; cargo services; port management and support services in shore bases; and manages client operations, including pipe racks, stacking areas, warehousing, enclosed areas, jetties, offices, water tanks, fuel storage, generators, compressors, and various other services and facilities.

2. Prodeco

Prodeco operates in Nigeria with two companies: Prodeco (Property Development Company) operating within the main territory of Nigeria and Prodeco International operating in Oil & Gas Free Zones.

The first company was incorporated in March 1996 as a property development company. Over the years, PRODECO has engaged in building, marine, and infrastructural construction for various clients in the oil and gas industry.

3. Atiku Abubakar farm

He also has a farm in Adamawa state. In 1981 he moved into agriculture, acquiring 2,500 hectares of land near Yola to start a maize and cotton farm. The business fell on hard times and closed in 1986. "My first foray into agriculture, in the 1980s, ended in failure," he once said in 2014. However, since then his farm has expanded and blossomed.

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4. ABTI schools

The major part of this is the American University of Nigeria (AUN). It is located in the city of Yola, capital of Adamawa, one of Nigeria's 36 states.

The campus, which occupies nearly 1000 hectares, is a serene mixture of desert and farmland. Adamawa, one of the six states in northeast Nigeria, shares the longest borderline with Cameroon Republic.

Meanwhile, reported that Atiku recently condemned those peddling quit notice, hate speeches and anti-Igbo songs.

Atiku also urged the federal government to restructure the country and remove the use of state of origin from the country's constitution.

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In a statement issued by his media office, Atiku said: "Just as I strongly condemned the Quit Notice on people of the Igbo ethnic stock living in Northern Nigeria and the counter quit notices that ensued.

"I also vehemently condemn the retaliatory Quit Notice given by certain elements in other parts of Nigeria to persons of other origins be they Northern, Yoruba or any other ethnic grouping within our country."

Watch this video as Nigerians speak on what works in the country:


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