7 things people hate about Nigeria and Nigerians

7 things people hate about Nigeria and Nigerians

It is not uncommon to hear citizens of a country complain bitterly about it. No matter how developed a country is, there are still thousands of reasons people will not like it.

The question: What do you hate about Nigeria and Nigerians was posed on the popular forum Quora and a lot of answers poured in.

Legit.ng has gathered some of the many reasons as answered by people like Uche Metuh who has a Masters in Geology and is CEO of Onegeria and Tunde Ogunjimi, a graduate of Physics from the University of Ibadan and others.

1. Self hate

Uche Metuh says: "Many of us don’t even know this but we embody the kind of self-hate that is in a special class of its own.

"Most of us dislike how we speak (He’s so Igbotic!), how we sound, the various imperfections in our dialects, our local language in its entirety, how we look especially our dark skin colour etc."

"We aim to discard everything which makes us Nigerian and embrace the western culture, a culture which they themselves hold sacred and preserve while we think ours should go in the dumps!"

2. Fanaticism

Abigail says: "Fanaticism. Whether it is religion, ethnicity, community, or just a football club; many Nigerians are prone to fanaticism."

3. Tribalism

Fareed Ramses said: If I could count the number of times where I meet a Nigerian woman here in NY, we vibe, everything is going good, and as soon as I say I am Hausa, it all goes south.

"Seriously. It has gotten so bad that now I dey lie. I tell people I am from Anambra state 'Because apparently, I look Igbo.'

"As though Igbos and Hausa’s no be the same family we be….. Where my heritage is from pretty much sums me up as a human being. To Nigerians."

4. Self-serving nature

Steve Ogbujah said: "Nigerians will just buy and hoard dollars till thy kingdom come - to sell it when the selling price becomes twice the cost price - at the expense of the economy! This is too selfish. One of the reasons we are where we are."

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5. Obsession with marriage

Uche Metuh said: “I tap into your blessings ooh”.

“It’s time for marriage ooh”.

“He proposed!”.

“You are too stubborn. Are you sure someone can marry you sef?”

“I have to be a wife material so he can wife me fast!”

“I am the head of the family. Submit to me, woman!”.

"Many of us carry marriage on our heads, but we don’t know anything about it. We lack the basic knowledge and discipline of how to live with, kindly accommodate, nurture and grow with another human.

"Husbands want to control their wives, the wives do not want to be controlled - Herein lies 1 of our greatest causes of divorce, even before the “I dos” are said."

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6. Educational system

Ogunjimi also said: "Our education system is a failure. Honestly that’s how I see it. If you’ve studied a particular course, say Physics, and you cannot work or talk at the same level with your mates across the globe, then what’s your degree worth?"

7. Trivialize matters

Kilanko Paul, a product engineer said: "Unwillingness to engage with serious discussions. And all too willing to let every debate, or critical issue go towards laughter and merriment. Nobody seem serious to attack important issues or push solutions to it’s end."

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