These twins caused an avalanche of criticism

These twins caused an avalanche of criticism

- A girl posted some photos of her siblings in Twitter

- The images resulted in a social media whirlwind

- Thousands of people came together to like, and also criticize her post

A girl from Rio Grande Valley, in the U.S., posted a series of extremely cute pictures of her little twin brother and sister. In what seemed to be an innocent moment within Mariah Elena’s family life, turned into a social media thunderstorm.

These twins caused an avalanche of criticism
This is Mariah Elena, who became the center of a social media storm.

The Twitter post read: “My mom left my twin brother n sister like this then WHEN SHE GOT BACK from picking up my sister from school, THEY ENDED UP LIKE THAT [all intertwined between them]”.

The post went viral with over 64,000 retweets and 184,000 likes!

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Yet there was also some backlash regarding the fact that it seemed the babies had been left alone.

There were so many comments criticizing her family, that Mariah Elena resorted to writing another post. She made it clear that her siblings had been with their nanny all along.

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Her answer was also retweeted and liked, but not to the incredible extent the original post had gone.

This rather silly case highlights social media’s power as a way to unite –and confront– people of all ages and places on Earth who do not know each other. Through the internet, they are able to come around one single issue, in easy and and fast way.

These twins caused an avalanche of criticism
The twins who inadvertently were at the center of the controversy.

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