Apply for jobs in Canada from Nigeria

Apply for jobs in Canada from Nigeria

Have you ever entertained the thought of working abroad, in Canada, for example? If yes, do you know how to apply for jobs in Canada from Nigeria? Read about Canadian visa and job vacancies in Canada.

Apply for jobs in Canada from Nigeria

Canada is one of the most popular immigration destinations in the world. Every year, hundreds of thousands of migrants from all over the world aspire to live in this prosperous country with the hope of getting permanent residency and subsequently Canadian citizenship.

Comfortable geographical location near the USA, vast territory, abundant natural resources, access to three oceans, and many other factors contributed to the development of the Canadian economy and achieving a high standard of living of the local population. Canada has always been popular among Nigerians, who want to find a job abroad. Many citizens are attracted by the opportunity to immigrate.

Best way to live and work in Canada - Express Entry

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Apply for jobs in Canada from Nigeria EXPRESS ENTRY

You can use this platform and become one of those Nigerians who would like to work in Canada.

- To make a successful start - go to After registration, you will see all the possible job vacancies in Canada.

- Share information about yourself: nationality, skills, labour experience, language skills, education.

- Check your inbox, wait for the mail from Express Entry.

- If everything is done properly, you possess all the needed qualifications and you are lucky, you will be sent an Invitation to Apply.

Apply for jobs in Canada

Express Entry doesn't give you 100% guarantee that you will be accepted to live and work in Canada. Only highest-ranking applicants will be approved and issued the ITA.

The essence of such innovation is to ensure that foreigners wishing to move to this country will be able to apply through a single center under a simplified procedure. Access to the centralized database will be given to employers from all the provinces in Canada. Potentially eligible professionals will need to provide the immigration services with a full package of documents. If, after final assessment, the applicant is considered qualified and skilled, then he will get an immigrant visa.

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Apply for jobs

You can be a member of Express Entry platform and apply for some work in Canada for 12 months. After the end of the term, you may re-apply.

Express Entry can help you find some job under certain programs, in particular:

- Federal Skilled Worker Program

Potential applicants are evaluated in accordance with six factors:

1. education (maximum 25 points);

2. language skills (English/French) (not more than 28);

3. experience (9-15 points);

4. age (12 points is given to applicants from 18 to 35 years and for those older, scores are dropped);

5. adaptability (not more than 10 points);

6. arranged employment in Canada (10 points is a maximum).

The opportunity to find a job in Canada and to adapt to it is also assessed. To get into the country, applicants must get at least 67 points out of a possible 100.

- Federal Skilled Trades Program

- Canadian Experience Class

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For Canadian visa, go to

Apply for jobs in Canada from Nigeria VISA

Jobs in Canada for foreigners: Preparation of documents

What are the documents needed to live and work in Canada? You need to receive a job offer from an employer from Canada or an employment contract. Such future worker must successfully complete an interview with the Canadian employer. It is necessary to obtain a positive feedback of local officials concerning employment permission for foreigners.

Categories of possible applicants for job vacancies in Canada:

jobs in Canada from Nigeria

1. Student;

2. Businessman;

3. Foreign worker;

4. Live-in carer.

Of course, each applicant needs to meet several requirements of the employer: have experience in the specialty, appropriate education, knowledge of English and French. You will also need recommendations from previous employers and proof of good command of English.

WORK IN Canada from Nigeria

If the application is approved, he/she receives a visa to Canada. On arrival, he/she is issued a document approving work permit. It clearly regulates working conditions in Canada. Thus, the document contains information about the permitted work, the location of the employer, the period during which the employee has the right to stay and work and so on.

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What are the risks?

There is a risk that you will not get a working visa, even if all the documents are prepared correctly.

When preparing documents, the applicant should provide accurate information. This is very important: all the documents should be carefully checked. If ANY falsification is detected when considering an application, this locks up an opportunity to visit this North American state and even some other countries forever.

Apply for jobs in Canada from Nigeria

Which category of people are more likely to be hired?

- Young people who have graduated from local higher educational institutions.

- Qualified professionals with knowledge of English or French languages.

- Those who are ready to switch careers.

- Most required professionals in Canada – farmers, builders, welders, truck drivers, fast food restaurants and meat processing plants workers, engineers, cleaners, babysitters.

jobs in Canada from Nigeria EXPRESS ENTRY

For instance, farm workers' average payment for Saskatchewan is about $17 hourly before paying taxes. However, there are employers willing to pay from 20 to 24 dollars per hour, if the specialist has relevant experience. For example, combine operator/tractor driver can get from 2000 to 4500 thousand Canadian dollars/month, depending on the number of working hours and seasonality. For babysitters, it's about $1000 – 1500 monthly.

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Payment for work is determined by the position of the province. Laborers receive from 11 CAD/hour, skilled workers from 20 CAD/hour, butchers or employees on farms earn 17 CAD/hour as a minimum.

Apply for jobs in CanadA

Web sites where to find information about jobs in Canada from Nigeria:






Things you should pay attention to:

Canada AND Nigeria

1. Pay attention to the developed Canadian cities such as Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Unemployment rate here is lower and chances to find a job are higher.

2. Improve your English language skills. In some regions, such as Quebec, knowledge of French is required. Working in Canada without understanding these languages is almost an impossible task.

3. Look for options of legal employment.

4. Continue your growth as a professional. Qualifications, experience, and skills are cards up your sleeve. Canada requires professionals with serious knowledge and skills.

5. The level of education is of great importance. It is best to possess a diploma of one of Canadian, American or British universities.

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Give it a try, maybe this time luck will be favorable to you.

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