What is the cost of a DNA test in Nigerian hospitals? A comprehensive guide

What is the cost of a DNA test in Nigerian hospitals? A comprehensive guide

In most cases, DNA tests are commonly used to determine biological relationships, such as paternity testing to confirm a biological father's identity or sibling testing to establish sibling relationships. But can everyone afford it? Find out here about the cost of a DNA test in Nigerian hospitals.

the cost of dna test in nigeria
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A DNA test is the most reliable and advanced method of determining parenthood. It is also widely used in criminal investigations and forensics to identify individuals or link them to crime scenes through DNA evidence.

How much is the cost of DNA test in Nigeria in 2023

Various types of DNA tests are conducted for diverse purposes, including verifying paternity and detecting alterations in proteins, genes, or chromosomes within the body. The cost of DNA testing in Nigeria varies depending on the specific type of DNA test you require.

The costs can vary significantly in numerous countries, typically falling from $69 to $499. These depend on factors like the clinic and the test's reliability. Below is a breakdown of the different DNA test expenses provided by Paternity Test Nigeria.

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DNA testPrice
Paternity DNA testN170,000
Legal paternity DNA testN250,000
Immigration DNA testN250,000
Pre-Natal DNA testN1,400,000
Full/half sibling DNA testN210,000
Grandparentage DNA testN210,000
Uncle & Aunty DNA testN210,000

What is a DNA test?

A DNA test, also known as a genetic test or DNA analysis, is a scientific examination of an individual's DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) to gather information about their genetic makeup.

What are the types of DNA tests?

Some of the most common types of DNA tests include:

  • Paternity DNA test: These tests determine biological parentage, often for legal or personal reasons.
  • Genetic Health DNA test: These tests examine specific genes or genetic markers associated with health conditions, traits, and carrier status for genetic disorders.
  • Forensic DNA test: Used in criminal investigations and legal cases to identify individuals or establish connections between DNA evidence and suspects or victims.
  • Autosomal DNA test: This test analyzes autosomal DNA, which is inherited from both parents and contains information about a wide range of traits and genetic ancestry.
  • Y-DNA test: It is passed down from father to son, making it useful for tracing direct paternal lineage.
  • Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) test: mtDNA is passed from a mother to all her children but is only passed on by daughters. This type of test can be used to trace maternal ancestry.

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how much is the cost of dna test in nigeria
A doctor observing through a microscope. Photo: pexels.com, @Edward Jenner
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What is the importance of doing a DNA test?

DNA testing can be important for various reasons, including:

  • It can help adopted individuals find their biological parents or reunite with long-lost relatives.
  • It can provide certainty regarding biological parentage, which can be important for legal and personal reasons.
  • It can reveal an individual's ethnic and geographical origins.
  • Genetic health tests can provide insights into an individual's risk factors for various diseases and conditions.
  • It plays a crucial role in criminal investigations by helping to identify suspects, victims, and missing persons.

Where can one take the DNA test in Nigeria?

Popular DNA test centres in Nigeria where you can get your DNA test done include:

  • Paternity Test Nigeria
  • Clina-Lancet Laboratories
  • easyDNA Nigeria
  • DNA Labs Nigeria
  • Smart DNA Nigeria
  • Identi Gene Nigeria

What is the cost of DNA test in Nigeria?

cost of DNA test in Nigeria
A close-up of a microscope. Photo: pexels.com, @Pixabay
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The average cost of a DNA test in Nigeria can range from N210,000 to N1,400,000.

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How is a paternity DNA test performed?

The tests are performed by swabbing the insides of the cheeks of both the child and the alleged father. It can be done by a medical professional (in a clinic/lab or at home) or literally anyone.

The swabs containing DNA cells are then sent to a laboratory for processing. After that, the result will come in as soon as the data is processed.

The DNA test cost in Nigeria may vary depending on the type of DNA you want and the clinic facility. Each DNA test serves a unique purpose and provides specific insights into an individual's genetic information.

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