SHOCKER: Victor Moses Parents Alive In Edo State?

SHOCKER: Victor Moses Parents Alive In Edo State?

Victor Moses, who is having one of the best seasons of his life in football right now.

Having moved from a relatively small football club in England, to one of the top 3 best in the UK & one of the best in Europe presently, in the shape of Chelsea FC of England.

The young man contributed so well to his club achievements in only his first season there. Not forgetting he was also fantastic in Nigeria's Nations Cup win in South Africa earlier this year.

The gist currently going on about is that contrary to his claim to have lost his parents a few years ago to sectarian riots in the Northern parts of Nigeria (Kaduna State to be more precise).

That claim might well be very farfetched and totally away from the truth. According to some reports, his parents are said to be hale & hearty, very alive in Edo State of Nigeria presently.

According to the old media reports Mr & Mrs Austine & Josephine Moses- supposed parents of Victor Moses, who were said to be missionaries and were supposedly killed in 2002 during the sectarian riots in Kaduna.

The 11 year old had gone out to play football, only to return to a home already destroyed and parents murdered. Victor Moses hence had to travel to the UK to seek for asylum. And the rest his now history. With this new discovery now as claimed by Sunday Express of Sunday, May 26 to June 1, 2013 on their page 6, what is the true situation of things?

What does Victor Moses have to say about what has been discovered? Is this a case of doing all one could do, to seek for the golden fleece abroad?



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