Millionaire Emerges Through BetKing's Jackpot Bet Feature

Millionaire Emerges Through BetKing's Jackpot Bet Feature

Over the weekend, leading sports betting and digital entertainment company, BetKing announced a millionaire via its new mobile feature, Jackpot Bets. This new feature aligns with the company’s commitment to delivering exciting products to its loyal customer base, and many more winners are expected to walk away with attractive wins in the coming days.

Millionaire Emerges Through BetKing's Jackpot Bet Feature

Jackpot Bets is unquestionably exciting news for BetKing customers. The feature has been carefully optimised to excite, engage, and, most importantly, offer players a chance to win huge sums of money when they correctly predict several sporting events.

Last weekend, one lucky BetKing customer won a whopping one million naira by predicting 10 correct games. Speaking on his win, Timehin says, “I was surprised by this win because I couldn’t believe how easy it was to play. I would like to thank BetKing for providing a feature that allows its customers to win big.”

With Jackpot Bets, players are sure to win big while enjoying the thrill of the game. You, too, can be a Jackpot winner by clicking this link

Here is how Jackpot Bets works

● To qualify, select a minimum of one outcome (home win, draw, away win) for each match.

● Once a qualifying bet is selected, you will place the bet with the number of tickets chosen. At this stage, once the bet is submitted, Jackpot Bets cannot be cancelled or changed.

● To win the Jackpot prize, all you need to do is to make eleven picks. There is also an increased margin for error as you can now be a winner, even with just 8 correct picks out of 11.

*Please note that the jackpot main prize pool will be split equally by all the winning entered tickets that correctly predict the outcome of every match.

● Lastly, match settlements are based on the result at the end of regular time. In case of a postponement or abandonment, the rules for each Jackpot game type are stated here.

In conclusion

Betking continues to emphasise its dedication to enriching individuals and communities while providing a platform for sports betting enthusiasts to enjoy premium entertainment.



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