Is Something Fishy? Nigerian Lady Asks as She Finds Her Doppelganger on a Bus, they Have Same Height in Photos

Is Something Fishy? Nigerian Lady Asks as She Finds Her Doppelganger on a Bus, they Have Same Height in Photos

  • A Nigerian lady has stirred massive reactions on social media after showing off her doppelganger she found on a bus
  • Mahuntin Faith Anuoluwapo remarked that the said fellow shared so many similarities with her physical attributes
  • She added that her doppelganger who is an only daughter has a striking resemblance with her own mother

During a bus ride to Epe, a Nigerian lady Mahuntin Faith Anuoluwapo learnt about her doppelganger and took to social media to showcase the stunning discovery.

Sharing her photos side by side that of the lady on Facebook group Life, Mahuntin marvelled at the numerous similarities they share.

Doppelganger, on a bus, Nigerian lady, same height
She found her doppelganger on a bus. Photo Credit: Mahuntin Faith Anuoluwapo
Source: Facebook

The similarities between them

Apart from them having the same height, facial look and colour, Mahuntin said they also have career aspiration similarities.

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Mahuntin who is currently studying business education said the lady who is studying health education is processing 'the same thing' concerning job after school.

She added that they are both level mates but different institutions.

Interestingly, she revealed that the lady who is an only daughter walks like her.

Their differences

Mahuntin explained that the lady doesn't look like her own parents. The business education scholar however disclosed that they do not share the same birth month and that she is a year older than her doppelganger.

Mahuntin is pictured in black and ash attires while her doppelganger is on purple.

A stunned Mahuntin marvelled that something seems to be fishy and wondered about their age and birth month differences.

"Pls am I d only one experiencing this.
"Or is this fate.
"Or is something fishy.
"Note:she is the only daughter in her family nd she doesn't look like her mom nd dad.

"She looks like my mom.
"But if truly we are twins.
"Why different age nd birth month,'' she wrote.

How Faith found her doppelganger

Speaking with's Victor Duru, the lady whose real name is Ezekiel Anuoluwapo Faith said her mother was stunned when she learnt of her daughter's doppelganger.

"My mom was suprised.
"But she said she is certain she never had twins,'' Faith told in a chat.

Faith went on to reveal that it was her doppelganger's dad that actually sighted her first.

Recalling that fateful Thursday, May 5, Faith said:

"Was on my way to Epe, Lagos.
"I stood at Eleko Bustop.
"It was her dad that sighted me first..
"When he shouted that was when my attention was drawn.
"So we (Faith and her doppelganger) talked and exchanged numbers."

Nigerians share their thoughts on her discovery

Nklove Sharon Nkluv said:

"I saw someone that look like my sister on this app.

"I saved most of her pictures and sent them to my siblings.
"They all believed it was Chi until I told them that it's someone I saw on FB.
"The same way of dressing and same way of posing.
"Things dey ooo."

Comfort Yusuf said:

"Me that look like plenty people even last Sunday on my way from church some one was asking if I am Mama christy Junior sister, because am tired of that language I just told her my sister i look like plenty people in this life she started laughing."

Alice Frank said:

"They is one lady too at my street, my kids has been telling me how we look so much alike, an some people will be asking me if I have a twin sister an I said. The day I finally met this lady ehhhh, both of us were looking at ourselves like something is wrong somewherefinally we hug ourselves an become 2 good friend."

Kingsley Ogideh said:

"That's what the word coincidence was made for. Otherwise, your Mom or Dad have questions to answer. One of them has been busy. Lol. Get a DNA test. Age can be misstated on a document on purpose, or by accident."

Woman finds her doppelganger who resides in another country

Meanwhile, previously reported that a lady had found her doppelganger in another country.

The lady named Bianca who hails from Buzau in Romania, was stunned to see her Palestinian-Syrian lookalike, Lana Al Beik.

Bianca's family was stunned by the resemblance and her grandmother could not even tell them apart.

Bianca said:

"My parents showed the pictures to my grandmother who said 'wow, where did you take those images? Very beautiful Bianca, how stunning you are’."


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