He Refused to Give Up: Inspirational Video Shows Fine Moment Kid Jumped onto a High Stool, Standing Steady

He Refused to Give Up: Inspirational Video Shows Fine Moment Kid Jumped onto a High Stool, Standing Steady

  • A stunning video has shown the great moment a little boy jumped and stood steady on a high stool after unsuccessful attempts
  • The boy tried many times to jump and stand on the high stool but failed to achieve his aim, but he, however, kept trying
  • He was finally encouraged by someone who stood behind observing his efforts, and then went on to achieve the high feat

A little boy who is full of ambition had the aim of jumping unto and standing on a high stool. He went about it with a lot of determination ad courage. He later made it in the end.

Before succeeding, the kid had tried several times but failed to achieve the aim. The first time, he used his legs to knock down the stool, falling to the ground. The little boy however stood and continued to try.

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After many failures, a little boy who refused to give up jumped high and stood on a tall stool.
The little boy simply refused to give up his ambition of jumping and standing on the high stool. Photo credit: Instagram/@aratgym and Facebook ESPN UK.
Source: UGC

He never gave up till he won

Despite falling repeatedly and failing to stand on the stool, he continued jumping. His is a classical case of refusing to give up in the face of serious adversity.

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He later got some encouragement from an adult standing by. The adult seemed to have been watching the little boy's efforts all the while.

His determination later paid off as he took one courageous jump. The kid stood on the stool like a champion and punched the air. The man who encouraged him joined in the celebration.

Watch the video below:

Facebook users react

When the video was shared on Facebook by ESPN UK, it attracted several comments from Facebook users. Here are a few of what they are saying:

Linda Hay said:

"What an energetic little girl. She would not give up until she got it right and even then she kept going."

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Shannon Nichole commented:

"I mean, dad could have given him something a little more sturdy to jump on."

Frank McDuffie reacted:

"I love it. Her drive Is impeccable. Trust and believe she’ll be like that with everything in life. That makes her a dangerous woman. Keep up the good work."

Teffany Cline commented:

"Man!!! This kid is an inspiration!!! I wanna be like her when I grow up!!!"

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