Man Discovers Old Abandoned Mansion with Cars Graveyard, Oven & refrigerator, Shares Video of its Interior

Man Discovers Old Abandoned Mansion with Cars Graveyard, Oven & refrigerator, Shares Video of its Interior

  • An explorer identified as Steve Ronin has discovered an old abandoned mansion with cars graveyard
  • The mansion which is located in the United States belonged to a deceased wealthy businessman who handed it down to his son
  • Apart from the stunning fact that one of the cars had its engine still intact, a refrigerator and an oven were also seen

A man has found an old abandoned mansion that seemed to have almost everything left behind.

The man, a popular explorer Steve Ronin, stated that the mansion was found in United States.

Mixed reactions as man discovers old abandoned mansion with cars graveyard, shares video
One of the cars still had its engine intact Photo Credit: Screengrabs from video shared by Steve Ronin
Source: Facebook

An overview of the mansion

Giving an overview of the mansion, Steve said it was built in the 1800s by a wealthy businessman who had multiple streams of income.

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Upon his passing, the businessman was said to have passed down the mansion to his son who owned a lot of cars.

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The son however couldn't pay up his taxes forcing the government to take over the mansion.

Since the take over, the mansion hasn't been looked after or kept in good shape.

Cars graveyard was found in the mansion's compound

In a short video showing the interior of the mansion shared by Steve on his Facebook page, cars graveyard was seen in the compound.

Some of the cars found include a Grand Torino, an old Jeep as well as a whip called International Scout. One of the cars still had a functional engine.

On the inside, an oven and a refrigerator still intact were seen lying in a section.

Social media reacts

Sheena Brent said:

"I've never understood why places are left to rot i mean even if they sell everything its money isnt it sell it for next to nothing the taxes on a property that size would be more than enough to keep the government happy."

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Debbie Grigsby-Offenheiser wrote:

"Wow.. The government took the house because they couldn’t afford to pay the inheritance tax..they took it from a family’s home and just let it sit abandoned A family looses tons of $$ and the government abandons the house... "

Julie Nilles stated:

"That is awful that the government siezed the property and let it decay. They could have payment arrangements with the owner or at least sold the property. This way the owner lost his home over it and they didn't even bother to sell it to get the money they were in such a hurry for."

Diana Sandlin commented:

"It is always such a shame to see these Beauitful old places left just sitting for one reason or another. Like alot of the younger Generation now days places like this they want nothing to do with it was considered Old out of date.

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"A lot of today's Generation are like that. However there a some that if they had the funds to Clean it up and Move in would be happier than a Kid at Christmas. These places were built with Style an Flair. Just so Beautiful."

Man finds old abandoned mansion with 100s of cars

Meanwhile, previously reported that a man had discovered an old abandoned mansion with 100s of cars in it.

The discoverer named Steve who said that the mansion could possibly have been abandoned in the 1900s also found scattered bank statements that showed the fleeing owner of the mansion was in huge debt.

From the video shared on Facebook, luxury household furniture and fittings, as well as beautiful paintings, were spotted.

Over 100 cars were also scattered in the mansion including whips as Volkswagen Beetle, Lincoln Continental amongst others. The fleeing family literally left everything behind.


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