Benue State Governorship election result 2023: Live updates from INEC

Benue State Governorship election result 2023: Live updates from INEC

As Benue residents trooped out for the governorship and state assembly elections, many people will be wondering who will eventually succeed Governor Samuel Ortom.

Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Alia is contesting Benue state election
Catholic priest, Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Alia, is one of the top candidate for Benue state election
Source: UGC


APC 17,245

LP 1,611

PDP 8,811

Accredited voters 28,576

Valid votes 28,142

Votes cast 28,575


APC 7,627

LP 405

PDP 6,032

Accredited voters 16,242

Valid votes 15,843

Votes cast 16,242


APC 31,946

LP 913

PDP 8,879

Accredited voters 43,228

Valid votes 42,656

Votes cast 43,221


APC 15,371

LP 535

PDP 22,083

Accredited voters 38,889

Valid votes 38,239

Votes cast 38,744

Ohimini LGA

APC 7,233

LP 973

PDP 6,785

Accredited voters 15,918

Valid votes 15,751

Total votes cast 15,908

Gboko LGA

Gboko LGA

APC 53,985

PDP 18,773

LP 1,493

Accredited voters: 77,230

Valid votes: 75,316

Katsina-Ala LGA

APC: 34,347

LP: 178

PDP: 6,716

Accredited voters: 42,189

Valid votes: 41,669

Votes cast: 42,189

Buruku LGA

APC: 34,713

LP: 1,155

PDP: 9,513

Accredited voters: 46,418

Valid votes: 45,937

Votes cast: 46,407

BREAKING: Catholic Bishop in early lead in Benue governorship election

Revd. Father Hyacinth Alia is in early lead.

Tarka LGA

APC: 16,422

LP: 175

PDP: 3,748

Accredited voters: 20,939

Valid votes: 20,632

Votes cast: 20,931

Ukum LGA

APC: 28,503

LP: 439

PDP: 9,418

Accredited voters: 39,425

Valid votes: 38,640

Votes cast: 39,425


APC: 9,897

LP: 1185

PDP: 6,267

Accredited voters: 17,759

Valid votes: 17,519

Votes cast: 17,759

Agatu LGA

APC: 7,482

LP: 216

PDP: 9,934

Accredited voters: 18,407

Valid votes: 17,943

Votes cast: 18,407

Gwer West LGA

APC: 10,947

LP: 1,509

PDP: 13,609

Accredited voters: 26,333

Valid votes: 26,155

Apa LGA governorship result


APC: 7,925

LP: 465

PDP: 7,806

Accredited voters: 17,435

Total voted cast: 17,005

Election was cancelled in two polling units over the disruption of polls and overvoting.

Recall that Tinubu wins Benue

Recall that the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu, won the presidential election in Benue State, North Central Nigeria. Tinubu polled 310,468 votes to defeat Peter Obi of the Labour Party with 2,096 votes. This came despite Governor's ortom's support for Peter Obi of Labour Party.

Benue top contenders

The top contenders in Benue include Rt. Hon. Titus Tyoapine Uba of the PDP, Rt. Hon. Herman Iorwase Hembe of Labour Party and APC’s Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Iormem.

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