What to do with an Out-Of-Service Catalytic Converter: Where to Sell the Used Part for Scrap?

What to do with an Out-Of-Service Catalytic Converter: Where to Sell the Used Part for Scrap?

Vehicle users may have a reasonable question: why can’t they sell the valuable metal contained inside catalytic converters without professional assistance? Here is an answer to this question: the extraction method requires the availability of special equipment, and it is not of economic benefit to buy such equipment to extract the precious metal from one converter.

Autocatalyst Market is the platform that accepts used catalytic converters for further processing on an industrial scale. Here, customers are offered the best price and the possibility to sell a part for scrap quickly after preliminary diagnostics. The diagnostics help to determine the volume of precious metals that coat the converter honeycomb.

What to do with an Out-Of-Service Catalytic Converter: Where to Sell the Used Part for Scrap?

Converter prices

The price of a used converter is the cost of the precious metal inside the part. Expensive palladium, platinum, and iridium are used as the coating of the catalytic converter honeycomb. Precious metal prices can change and are affected by fluctuations of the London exchange rate. For this reason, it is necessary to clarify the exact cost of one or another converter immediately before selling for scrap.

The price of a used converter will depend on many parameters, including the following:

• Vehicle manufacturer and brand, year of manufacture, mileage.

• Engine capacity. A larger capacity indicates a bigger volume of precious metals in the catalytic converter.

• Express test enables users to determine the content of valuable metals quite accurately.

The final price will depend on the converter’s condition. If the body is damaged, there are dents, scratches, and other defects, the price will be lower.

What should be a catalytic converter condition for it to be bought for scrap?

• If the part is wet, or dirty, it will not be accepted for purchase, since it is difficult to carry out diagnostics in this condition.

• The ceramic part (catalytic converter honeycomb) should be separated from the body.

• Honeycombs should be free of soot, dirt, sand, and other foreign elements, moisture content should not exceed 2%.

• The metal part should be complete. If it is damaged, a part of the precious metal coating is lost.

Based on the above, we can conclude that a catalytic converter should not be sold for scrap in critical conditions. The part should be removed as soon as it becomes clear that the converter no longer operates properly and needs to be replaced. The extreme degree of wear and tear will not allow you to get a good price for the converter.

Where to find a dealer to sell the catalytic converter for scrap?

As a rule, resellers who offer small prices for converters do not conduct an analysis, determining the value of the part by feel. Companies that recycle used auto parts have a more responsible approach to the buying process, and in any case, they will offer a higher value compared to resellers.

An out-of-service vehicle catalytic converter belongs to the recoverable resources. This is the most demanded resource for recycling, and dealers are ready to buy it at special points.

By contacting well-known large companies that specialize in disposal and recycling, the driver not only receives a monetary reward but also makes his contribution to protecting the environment.


Source: Legit.ng

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