MTV Base Ghosted: Ilo and Oluchi to Help Jilted Nigerians Find Closure on Reality Show

MTV Base Ghosted: Ilo and Oluchi to Help Jilted Nigerians Find Closure on Reality Show

  • MTV Base Ghosted reality show is set to be on TV screens from July 11, 2024
  • The reality show aims to address complexities in relationships that led to individuals being ghosted
  • In a series of episodes, the show hosts, Ilo and Oluchi, will be chatting with several haunted Nigerians seeking closure

Being ghosted is one phenomenon that has left many people in relationships feeling confused and questioning themselves as they fail to understand how things went from being a partnership to just silence.

MTV Base is bringing a reality show called Ghosted to TV screens from July 11, 2024, to offer people who fall under this category a chance at closure by facing their problems head-on and tabling issues between the parties involved.

MTV Base Ghosted to premiere on July 11, 2024.
MTV Base Ghosted helps haunted participants find closure. Photos: @mtvbasewest
Source: Instagram

During a chat with, the show hosts Ilo and Oluchi shared what it was like being the ones to guide participants through the complexities of being ghosted on the MTV Base Ghosted show.

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“Everything excites us from meeting the haunted, hearing their stories, assisting them in finding answers, developing theories on what might be the reason for the problem, then unveiling things that might be dramatic or what the issue is.”

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They went on to say that it was interesting to hear people’s thoughts, even though some of the participants were more open than others.

“Some are cooler than others, some are dismissive, it's exciting to help them get to a point where they can have real conversations. Then help them get closure or a chance to make up and break up.”

MTV Base Ghosted cuts across different types of relationships

Being ghosted is not exclusive to romantic relationships. People with friendly, business, or family connections also go through this.

MTV Base Ghosted also covers all forms of relationships, making it relatable for viewers across different demographics. The show host Oluchi said:

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“The show cuts across family, romance, friends, people can relate to a story, a romantic partner, business partner, there’s a story each person can relate to. Nigerians will have things to pinpoint as what gets them most.”

The first episode on MTV Base Ghosted deals with the case of Chinwendu and Michael, with him ghosting his woman twice.

Ilo said:

“They are the first Ghosted situation we had to deal with, and we felt how hurt Chinwendu was from being ghosted twice by the same person. First one made her feel guilty and the second one made her feel confused. It's a situation where someone’s mental health is on the line. As Nigerians we care more about what people say and how they feel. It's important they watch to understand that how they feel is so important.
Communicating helps, so they need closure because they don't know what they did wrong, just that their person decided to disappear. When they find out, the void is filled and they now understand what happened and they fix it if it can be fixed.”

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