Phil Swift bio: age, height, real name, net worth, flex tape memes

Phil Swift is an accomplished businessman and the co-creator and spokesman of Flex Seal Products. Being the products' face led him to become an icon, generating countless memes on the internet.

With the attention that he got on the internet, many people couldn't help but ask, "Who is Phil Swift?" The marketer and web sensation co-founded his company along with his brother in 2011.

Profile summary

Phil Swift biography

The businessman was born on March 3, 1961, in the USA. He has become so famous that many people wonder, "How old is Phil Swift?" He is currently sixty years old.

Phil Swift real name is Phillip Swift. Information about his formative years, including his educational background, is not known to the public.

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He has a brother named Alan.


Phil has been an expert marketing personality since the 1980s. He and Alan founded Swift Response LLC in 2011.The company produces the adhesive bonding products known as Flex Seal products.

The renowned sales guru acts as Flex seal products' spokesperson, mainly through TV infomercials and internet marketing.

Phil Swift Flex Seal

The celebrated businessman became well known to the public because of his Flex Seal products' spokesperson role. In some of the product ads, the avid marketer would do incredible things showing how strong the Flex Seal products were.

He cut a boat in half in a particular ad, fixed it with Flex Tape, and rode it on water. He also made a buggy automobile using Flex Glue to put together its various parts. He would do such ads for the various products in the line, showing their capabilities.

Phil Swift memes

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On September 30, 2017, the American comedian, product reviewer, and YouTuber JonTron uploaded a funny video Waterproofing My Life With FLEX TAPE on his YouTube channel. The video went viral, and currently has 62 million+ views.

Jon even went ahead to upload another video, Flex Tape II: The Flexening, on December 3, 2018. The sequel featured Phil as a super-powerful being.

Throughout 2018, there were so many Phil Swift memes on the internet. These have increased his fame as a miraculous being with another world's power.

Phil Swift Flex Tape became such a web sensation that some sites introduce him as another world's being that fell on earth in 1944. They talk of him as one with "titanium-hard muscles," and one who "fought the Vietnam war."

Here are some of the memes that people came up with in reference to Phil's actions and common phrases in his informercials.

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1. What happens in the workplace

Sometimes employees want to be given better pay and improved working conditions. Employers, on the other hand, are not always willing to do what it takes to fully satisfy their workers. They may end up offering a quick fix to keep the workers silent.

2. Psychiatrists' experiences

Psychiatrists and counsellors have to listen to people's problems to help them get solutions. It cannot be easy to deal with people's issues, and sometimes they can't help but feel that their client has a lot to deal with.

3. How Phil damages things

Phil keeps damaging things in his infomercials so that he can repair them with Flex Seal products. The power of the products will only be seen if the damage is significant.

Personal details

The remarkable marketer is a family man. He has a wife, a son, and a daughter. Phil Swift height is 5 feet 4 inches (1.63m). His weight is approximately 84kg.

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The web personality is warm and likable. Phil Swift face is in various memes all over the internet.

Net worth

Phil Swift net worth is estimated at $10 million as of 2021. He has made his wealth as the co-founder of his company. He has also made money by appearing in many commercials.

Phil Swift is an accomplished businessman who is exceptional at what he does. Though he is not a superman, he definitely does a great job as a marketer. He has chosen to use his publicity for good, and his star continues to shine.

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