Malaysian Flight MH370 - Search Update, Infographics

Malaysian Flight MH370 - Search Update, Infographics

The search for a Malaysian plane MH370 that went missing on March 8th continues in Icy waters of Indian Ocean. 

As the search, that was started yesterday, recovered no news o missing plane, the search was launched again early today with more ships to come.

According to the fact that the photo of possible wreckage from the Malaysian plane fligh MH370 was taken 6 days ago, and was revealed only yesterday, many experts claim that even if it was plane debris, they might be deep underwater right now. Indeed, as the experts say, the depth in that part of the ocean will make the search very difficult. Plane debris might be burried at the depth bigger than the place of the Titanic wreckage. 

Black box, that is supposed to reveal the data from the plane is to activate a homing beacon and send a sonic ping, to locate it. Homing beacon is activated automatically when the plane is submerged under water. The ping would be emitted only if a plane is at depth of 14,000 feet or less, due to the pressure. Note: Air France Flight 447 was found and recovered in the Atlantic Ocean at around 13,000 feet deep, almost 2 years after it crashed.

Let's take a look at all the tracking points, where the plane location is recorded.

 And here is the flight scheme of MH370.

The scheme below reveals how the route was changed during the flight. 

As the search area is very far from main land, the planes have only two hours to search for clues. As it takes 8 hours for the plane to get there and another 8 to get back to the main land. 

Right now there are several merchant navy ships searching the area south-west of Perth, military vessels, aircraft. 

It was also informed that the UK is sending HMS Echo to assist the search operation. This ship is designed to carry a wide range of survey work. 

"Before being able to search for and identify the black box we need to narrow the areas of search," Hishammuddin Hussein says.

Norwegian merchant ship, St Petersburg also arrived to the search area along with an Australian naval vessel, HMAS Success.



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