Drugs News: Family Bought LSD Tainted Meat

Drugs News: Family Bought LSD Tainted Meat

A typical family of 4, a pregnant mother Jessica Rosado, her boyfriend Ronnie Morales, and two daughters, got steaks at the local supermarket and they had no idea that the meat was tainted with LSD.

The family got steaks on Friday night as a preparation for a 6

Rosado gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Tuesday.

Morales and girls were released in good condition on Wednesday. Rosado came home with a baby boy the next day.

The left overs of the stakes were examined on Friday and the police found presence of LSD in it. The supermarket, Walmart, where the steaks were bought, co-operated in the investigation and they found no LSD in any other meat. The remains of that meat in the shop were taken from the shelves shortly after the accident to be investigated.

The source of LSD in that meat remains to be unclear. The investigation will be continued. 

Source: Legit.ng

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