Kemi Adetiba makes startling confession

Kemi Adetiba makes startling confession

On-air personality Kemi Aditiba just made a startling confession on Instagram and is asking for forgiveness.

She shared the baby cereal photo below with her confession.

She wrote:

My name is 'Kemi Adetiba, and for years, I've carried around a terrible secret. Today, I come to you all.. My instagram family, with knees bent, asking that you you forgive instead of judging as I relive myself of this confession. For years, anytime I fed a baby his/her cerelac it was always on a 2 - 1. Two spoons for me then one for them. If I ever fed your child, I probably did this to them too. Here I am pleading for your forgiveness... And any baby I may have selfishly cheated. From now on, I shall endeavour to get high on my own supply (as evidenced in this photo). I shall now instead bear the shame of going up to the cash counter cradling my can of baby formula, rather than steal food from the mouths of starving babies. I personally did this to you when you were a baby and I'm sorry. Help me beg your children... I am sorry. #ConfessionsOfASerielBabyFormularEatingAdult.

Kemi Adetiba

Kemi Adetiba has over ten years experience in the media/entertainment industry.

The 34-year-old TV girl is a filmmaker and music director.


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