Nigerian Comedians Accuse Ghanaian Politicians Of Stealing Their Jobs

Nigerian Comedians Accuse Ghanaian Politicians Of Stealing Their Jobs

The Association of Nigerian Comedians has issued a statement accusing Ghanaian politicians of trying to put them out of business.

Nigerian comedians who have hitherto dominated the Ghanaian comedy scene are suddenly facing stiff competition from these politicians. The comedians argue that Ghanaian politicians are becoming hysterically funny making it difficult for them to sell their shows. 

Speaking at a press conference held at the Nigerian High Commission in Accra, the president of the association said,

“We have reason to believe there is a conspiracy by Ghanaian politicians to put us out of business and eventually expel us from this country, like we did to our Ghanaian brothers in ’83.

“We used to be the kings of comedy here. When we spoke with this Naija accent, Ghanaians will be on the floor creasing up. These days when we tell our jokes they stare at us like we’ve just delivered a message from the grim reaper.”

He contended that the fall in patronage for their shows was because Ghanaian politicians are doing a better job at entertaining Ghanaians.

“Tickets for our shows used to sell like hot suya. But now we can hardly find the crowd. These days when Ghanaians want to have a good laugh, they don’t have to wait for comedy concerts like ‘Night of a 1000 Laughs’- which is always dominated by Nigerian acts. They simply watch the news on their TV or buy a newspaper! And to be honest, with their witty and remarkably humorous gags, these politicians are providing better entertainment than we can ever dream of.”

He conceded that they have tried every trick in the comedy handbook yet they cannot seem to match the politicians.

“They are unusually creative and their delivery is impeccable. The tweea video was an instant hit! And before we could even react to that, one honourable politician dropped the ‘fufu causes cancer’ line. And as if that was not enough, another came out with the ‘dwarfs and juju men caused the cedi depreciation’ gag.”

The unamused Nigerian comedians refuse to see the funny side of the situation.

“We cannot just walk into parliament and debate and vote on laws and regulations. Similarly these politicians should not try to be funny. That is our job!”


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