Yetunde Akilapa says she has been set free

Yetunde Akilapa says she has been set free

Upcoming Yoruba actress, Yetunde Akilapa, who was beaten to stupor in Lagos on Sunday, January 12 after she was allegedly caught trying to burgle a house for the second time has said she has been delivered and her problem is over.

Recounting her ordeal, after she was caught the owner of the house called his pastor who prayed for her and explained to her that her problem is spiritual, adding that God wanted to deliver her that's why she came to that house that day.

The pastor who was from Christ Embassy, invited her to their church at Ikeja, very close to LTV 8 and she was prayed for. She was given the assurance that all the demonic signs in her life have been banished and she has being delivered from the evil attack.

According to her, she was told that some people just wanted to ruin her life and career because they have seen her glory.

When asked how her parents handled the issue, she said her mother was there for her.

She said people stood by her, some even added her on facebook, praying for her while some who she thought were friends turned out to be my enemies. She added that she doesn't have friends anymore, except Adeola who stood by her throughout the trying period. Her boyfriend also stood by her and did not abandon her.

On what she learnt from the incident, she said one has to be careful about the way you deal with people.

Asked if she considered quitting acting because of the incident, "Yes, I thought of it but when I consulted my pastor, he said I shouldn’t.  My friend also advised me to continue.  The shame was too much for me but I thank God everything has become history," she said.

She said the battle is over by the special grace of God. "It has gone back to the sender.  I am not a thief.  I have never stolen anything in my life."


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